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Family homes: 10 ideas to transform your entrance hall!

Leigh Leigh
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One of the most original ways to have a neat and stylish entrance is to make sure that you have all of the right elements. Less is more, so you want to choose carefully, ensuring that your entrance welcomes guests as they arrive.

There are many ways to add value to this space, including adding mirrors, wooden furniture, shelves, artwork and more. So if you are planning on giving your entrance a bit of a renovation or if you are looking to redecorate your home, we suggest you have a look at this homify ideabook. It will help you to find exactly what you are looking for in this area of the home as well as assist you in applying your creativity to the design of your entrance. 

Say yes to new beginnings!

1. Keep it organised

Organisation is key to making a home look beautiful, clean and welcoming.

Opt for furniture that stores objects neatly away—an ideal solution.

When it comes to your entrance, place furniture with smart storage solutions in this area so that you do not waste any space. 

As we can see in this design, one beautiful piece of furniture can make for a very welcoming design while the drawers keep keys, handbags and other items neatly stored away.

2. The functionality of the doors can be key in making the most of space available

Your front door should be easily accessible and comfortable to open and close because this is essentially what the main, welcoming element for your guests will be. 

If you have a large and sweeping hallway, opt for a beautiful and classic oak door. Sometimes it is necessary to have one of our main structural elements, such as the front door, as the focal point of the home. Stick to a timeless design that will enhance the look and feel of the home. 

3. Add a plant

Say yes to life, injecting some natural beauty into the entrance of your home.

Sometimes you can use the branches to add some decorative elements to the space, such as fairy lights. This is a very thrifty yet nifty way to add a striking impression to your entrance.

Add a wooden front door to an entrance, which will work in harmony with the plants, flowers or trees that you choose for this space. You'll have a beautiful rustic look and feel!

4. Use the stairs to add a wonderful design element to the entrance

This structure can bring a very dynamic touch to your entrance, especially if you take advantage of natural light. 

Use your staircase to your advantage, making sure that it's not simply a functional structure. Opt for a cutting-edge design or a very classic look and feel. Wood is a wonderful material to use for the stairs too as its durable, cost-effective and creates a very warm and welcoming design.

Have a look at these wooden staircases that wow for inspiration!

5. Tables full of art

Use furniture to organise and store items including beautiful pieces of art, which will enhance this area of the home. 

As we can see in this design, by professionals Emma Hooton, we can see how a huge visual impact is created, resulting in a very striking and creative entrance. The furniture has been paired with eclectic designs and a combination of shapes and textures, which gives incredible value to your home. 

Have you ever seen such an elegant entrance?

6. Art on the walls

You can also utilise your wall space, hanging up paintings or family photographs, which will add some personality and charm to the entrance of your home. 

The great thing about using your walls for decor is that you take up very little floor space, while still creating a very striking look and feel.

7. Invest in attractive lights that will illuminate this space

Make your entrance a masterpiece by installing beautiful, soft lighting throughout the home. This creates a warm and welcoming ambiance and enhances the details of the design throughout the entrance. 

For example, in this design, we can see how lighting works in harmony with the staircase, illuminating the silver balustrades and the warm, wooden steps.

A chandelier hanging from the ceiling is the perfect finishing touch to a gorgeous entrance.

8. Create balance

Use your furniture to create symmetry in your entrance hall, like the designers have done here. Two armchairs mirror each other, creating a very aesthetically appealing space. You can also use mirrors and lamps to achieve the same effect.

Remember that the pieces that you choose for your entrance should liven up the environment, giving guests a glimpse into what the rest of your home will look like. 

For convenience, add light furniture and a few pieces that a pack a punch with their style. A vase of flowers or a cushy rug is are great examples!

9. Organise your shoes at the entrance of your home

We've mentioned how great it is to have smart storage solutions in your home, but in this design we can see how effective it is to have a place to store your shoes as you enter the home. This means that no one is traipsing dirt through the interiors and you can easily find your shoes as you leave the home every day!

This is also the perfect spot for guests to hang their coats and garments, which will be stored neatly out of sight so they don't clutter the hallway.

10. Go for a minimalist look and feel

As we've mentioned before, simple is sometimes the most sophisticated. 

In this design, we can see how white floors and walls have been chosen to bring a light and bright look and feel to the space. There is minimal furniture and only a few pieces of artwork on the walls. 

This is the perfect example of how, when it comes to your entrance, you want to go for quality over quantity! The result is luxurious entrance that would welcome any guest.

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