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Spain, the jewel of the Mediterranean: from crystal blue seas, to sparkling beaches and terracotta clad homes, the inimitable essence of Spanish décor is remarkable and palpable. Whether you have had the pleasure of visiting this truly spectacular place, or perhaps it is on your ‘to-do’ list, the spirit of rustic Mediterranean style is rousing and age-defying. However, when people refer to Spanish design, or rustic décor, the mind immediately wanders to homely, slightly worn, and perhaps a little out-dated sponge textured, earth coloured wall finishes. These days, there is a resurgence of modern Spanish décor and design that incorporates a contemporary aesthetic whilst incorporating all of the elegant rustic finishes that make Mediterranean design brilliant. 

If you are looking for inspiration when renovating your house or apartment, take a look at the following wonderful examples below, and begin infusing a little countryside ambience into your domestic space.

Timeless elegance

The beauty about rustic Spanish style is its timelessness. Tried and tested, this wonderfully liveable and easy décor is enduring and elegant. Illustrated here is a magnificent example of fresh Spanish design that incorporates a sense of modernity, luxury and above all, elegant domesticity. More is ‘more’ in this example, but the subtleties keep the design feeling fresh and airy, whilst the contrast between the light paintwork and the dark timber ensure a sense of rustic sophistication and intricate attention to detail.

Bright character filled bathroom

One of the most beautiful elements of the Mediterranean is the sea, the sparkling blue of the crystal clear waters against the light sand and earthy coastal landscape—this dazzling ambiance is captured here in this stylish bathroom design, bright blue tiles evoke a sense of tranquillity and freedom, whilst the stark white walls are reminiscent of sand and tumbled quartz pebbles. Incorporate a little rustic Mediterranean style into your bathroom by infusing a sense of the sea through the use of rough or raw coloured tiles effortlessly paired with bright clean hues that create a space of harmony and serenity.

5-star finishes

Finishes and trimmings can make all the difference when creating a successful living space—if you are considering a rustic Spanish style, consider the use of dark iron light fittings paired against fresh white walls, dark thatched ceiling fan, and sturdy mahogany furniture. This design works particularly well because it blends the perfect amount of light and dark hues creating a sense of contrast and intrigue. To emulate this wonderfully sophisticated décor in your own abode, choose robust, well-made furniture with light upholstery, bespoke fireplace and whitewashed wall console. Furthermore incorporate a neutral carpet or timber floorboard with built in bookshelves and an array of select objet d’art.

The cook’s kitchen

One of the best elements of rustic décor and design is its ability to feel homely and liveable, this cook’s kitchen perfectly exemplifies Spanish elegance with its rustic laidback comfort. In this space the oven takes centre stage, perfectly placed for cooking a large home-made roast, or fresh catch of the day. In addition to this, the kitchen is set up for family living, the central island is perfect for gathering around and chatting, while lunch or dinner cooks away in statement rangehood and modern stainless steel cooker. Emulate this rustic style in your own kitchen with rich red timbers, white walls, off-white joinery and symmetrical design.

Terracotta terrace

For a true sense of Spain and the warm Mediterranean take a peek at this gloriously sunny terrace: replete with terracotta tiles and iron laced windows, this area is gorgeously bright and warm. You may not be able to re-create the sun and balminess of Spain in your own backyard, but consider adding elements that will transport your to the Mediterranean countryside such as terracotta potted plants, banana lounged and tiled or circular bricked walls.

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