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Tranquil interior design and decoration

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We talk about a lot of different factors when it comes to interior design—how to create the right aesthetic, the right balance, and the best settings to cater to our perfunctory day to day and entertaining needs. Right up there on the list of priorities is ‘mood’. Producing the right vibe within your domestic spaces can be an art in of itself, yet it remains such a crucial element in the broader picture. Depending on the existing structure and style of your spaces and what you have to work with, you could be going for something lively, something sleek, perhaps something sexy or even sultry. On the other hand, you might be keen to induce a lavish sense of tranquillity—after all, your home is your haven and you deserve to dwell, above all, in optimum relaxation and peace. 

Thankfully there are a great variety of options when it comes to bringing in a calm and still aesthetic in your home—let Homify lead the way to domestic harmony this week with the following fantastic examples.

Sail away

One of the easiest and most successful ways to incorporate a little relaxed and serene atmosphere within your abode is using your interior colour scheme. A little colour can go a long way—this example perfectly illustrates how a subtly rich, yet peacefully-cool blue hue can infuse a sense of well-being and harmony into your dining space. To enhance this harmonious seaside ambience the room has been designed with crisp white furniture and other maritime influenced accessories. The stark chrome light fitting gives a sense of nautical industrialism, while the charming wall décor instils a softer cottage character.

Let there be light!

A little vitamin D is sometimes all it takes to change your perspective and attitude, the same can certainly be said for interior spaces. An area that is light-filled and bright is uplifting, enjoyable and calming, whereas a dark space can act negatively and impart a sense of apprehension, unease or agitation. Perhaps look at how to increase the amount of light in your home spaces through reflective surfaces, window coverings or light fittings; moreover, if renovating/building, consider the volume of light that will reach the domestic spaces, as a luminous space will undoubtedly help to create a tranquil and buoyant atmosphere.

Reduce decoration to calm and relax

Sometimes less is ‘more’, and in the case of harmonious and relaxing décor or decoration, that is most certainly the case. Too many interior items can clutter the mind and cause stress and unease—consider condensing the amount of ornamentation or embellishments in a space and you will give your living space a breath of fresh air, and a renewed sense of spaciousness.

Keep the kids happy

Where else in the house does a room require tranquillity and peace than a child’s bedroom? However, a sleeping space or nursery is often a playroom as well, and it is imperative that the space is conducive to rest as well as imagination and creativity. To combine both elements into your little one’s space, consider accessories in neutral or pastel tones, plenty of soft surfaces or floor cushions, and replace bright colours with textured materials. Timber and woven materials can make an interesting alternative to vivid or bright tones.

Simple bedroom tranquillity

Tranquillity does not necessarily have to mean soft pastel hues, delicate white bed linen, and bright light-filled spaces. Quite the opposite—dark and rich-toned interior colour palettes can actually create a space that is character filled, serene, restful and uplifting. Check out this wonderful bedroom. It is moody yet balanced, with a hint of stylish nonchalance. If you are looking to create a tranquil environment in your bedroom or indeed any other domestic space within your abode, simply add raw timber floorboards, dark melancholic hued linens, matched with a rich wall colour and simple adornments, such as wainscoted walls, or repurposed furniture and accessories.

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