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Truly the epitome of classic and elegant design, bay windows feature in some of the most prestigious and magnificent architecture. Along with the glorious oversized windows that appear in mansions, abbeys, and terrace homes across the country, smaller, yet no less impressive bay windows can be found throughout houses and apartments brightening bedrooms and living spaces with sophistication and a sense of graceful refinement. Whether you are privileged enough to have a bay window within your domestic space, or simply want to look at incorporating one into your home, peruse the following examples that present some excellent ways to design, dress and indeed create a bay window in your dwelling.

The bay window vista

A bay window can infuse a home with a wonderful sense of spaciousness. This example shows how a bay window can create a lovely vista at the end of two joined rooms. If you are lucky enough to have a space such as this, consider the way you decorate it, as each individual piece of furniture will impact on the eventual view and atmosphere of the space. In this instance, the central focus is the lounge suite at the end of the room in front of the bay window—the window is left unadorned which increases the light filtering in, as well as making it appear larger than it is. Choose pieces that are interesting, classic or eclectic, match this with white walls, ceilings and bright lighting for a successful space that is sophisticated and elegant.

The window covering

One of the biggest problems can often be how to dress the bay window. It might seem like a difficult or unwieldy space, and more often than not, DIY curtain systems do not take into account the varying measurements of bay windows unlike other standard sized openings. On top of that, as bay windows are often at the front of the house, privacy can be an issue, you might find it hard deciding whether to completely cover the window, restricting prying eyes while maximum light. Consider a shutter instead of the typical drape or curtain option, this will allow a sense of privacy and shutters still allow a great deal of light in, even whilst angled upward away from inquisitive neighbours.

The contemporary bay

While bay windows are often features of traditional architecture, these days they play a large role in contemporary decorated spaces. So how to adorn your heritage home’s bay window in a modern and stylishly updated way? Think simply, try incorporating delicate flowing white drapes, avoid any trimmings such as curtain rails or decorative rods and ends, but instead use slight or invisible fittings to create a window that is adorned simply and minimally.

The staircase

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A bay window can often drastically enhance a stairwell or vestibule, this wonderful bay window is actually known as a bow window with more than three windows and a delicate curvature of the wall creating an almost half circle of glass panels letting in a huge amount of light and exposing the usually bland stairwell to the gorgeous view beyond.

The illusion

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Don’t have a bay window? Not a problem, this example shows how a bay window, or at least the illusion of a bay window, is created using reflective surfaces. The bay window is wonderfully formed by installing bookshelf joinery on either side of the window. The wall is then formed to meet these bookshelves and the angled surface is covered with mirror. The result is a space that looks almost identical to a normal bay window, and in addition to this, the mirrored surfaces drastically increase the amount of light that enters the room, by reflecting it the sides of the room. To complete the look, an inbuilt seat is installed with matching upholstered cushion, providing a space to sit and peer out into the daylight.

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