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Brilliantly bold curtains

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In recent years, people have turned to blinds when choosing their window dressings, but now curtains are back, and they're bolder than ever. From floral prints to primary colours, tropical designs to retro patterns; curtains are reclaiming their place at the window. A room is never finished until curtains have been added; in fact, the curtains are the first thing we add to the room on move-in day—nobody wants to be woken up early by light streaming in to the bedroom, and it's always reassuring to have some privacy from the world outside, even if you're home isn't too overlooked. 

Colourful curtains give you all the privacy and convenience you need, as well as transforming your room without having to resort to a full decorating job. An easy way to add brightness and personality to your room, it's not hard to see why they're a key item for the modern home once more. Take a look at this selection and consider which style could work best for you.

Creative clashing

Breaking the rule about mixing pink and red, these luxurious curtains are perfect for creating a space a little more grand than you're everyday room. Don't be afraid to mix patterns and colours if you're a fan of the eclectic look. This works particularly well in larger rooms that can hold the variety of prints and styles without looking disorganised- good news if you want a quick way to update your room without altering the décor. Buying sample pieces that you can hold up against the window is a recommended way to find out what is going to work before committing to any particular style  of print. It's even more important if you're being more adventurous with the design and opting for statement curtains like these. 

Narrative prints

NC And Osborne & Litle Nina Campbell HouseholdTextiles
Nina Campbell

NC And Osborne & Litle

Nina Campbell

Have you ever considered having your curtains tell a story? These quirky curtains with dashes of pink and purple portray a quaint narrative scene that reminds us of a traditional French tapestry. For a bespoke look that is also light and playful, this style is a clear winner. See it as an opportunity to express your personality and create a unique-looking room full of character. Whether you team the curtains with plain white walls to make them stand out, or match them to a feature wall for a uniform look, you're bound to  draw some appreciative comments from visitors to your home. 

Sleek and chic

Silk or similar fabric is a foolproof way to add a touch of glamour to your room. Silk curtains are particularly suited to the calm and relaxing ambience of the bedroom and look great in any colour. If you want to create a sophisticated and sultry vibe, purples and reds are the first colours that spring to mind. For a light and classic appearance, blues and even silvery tones can work really well. For a feminine look, chiffon underlay curtains compliment silky fabrics perfectly, and the layers will work together to block out more light so you can enjoy an even better night's sleep. 

Flower power

One bold print is all you really need to make a statement in a room, and floral prints are a popular choice that can make reference to fifties tea-dress flowers, the psychedelic prints of the seventies, or the modern take on the floral phenomenon. The choice is wide open when it comes to floral print curtains—you just need to decide which style you prefer, and plan how you will incorporate it into the rest of the room with complimentary furnishings and decoration. 

Vintage prints

Nina Campbell Collection Osborne & Little
Osborne & Little

Nina Campbell Collection

Osborne & Little

Animal prints are catching on and, like floral prints, can change the feel of a room depending on their design: these intricate and colourful animal print curtains are suited to a vintage or country style bedroom. The winding stems of plants and dainty little birds are a very traditional choice, and may even remind you of the décor of your childhood. However, that's not to say these prints can't work just as well in a modern room; you just need to keep your theme in mind when hunting out key items of furniture, such as the bed and chest of drawers. Anything too minimalist would simply look out of place whereas shabby chic style items would fit perfectly.

Make a statement

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013 Design Intervention Colonial style bedroom
Design Intervention

International Prop Award Winner-Best Interior Design Singapore 2013

Design Intervention

These vibrant curtains match the shocking green colour scheme of this bedroom. Granted, bright blue and green might not be everybody's first choice when decorating, but it doesn't hurt to try new colours and styles! You never know, you might be surprised by how good a more adventurous pallet looks in your home, and if you're thinking of trying something similar in your bedroom, you can guarantee these bold tones will help you wake up in the morning. 

For more ideas on how to introduce some colour into your home, take a look at these colourful seating options for your home.

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