Great ways to properly display art in your home

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Your home is an expression of who you and your family are, with your belongings, trinkets and ornaments all joining forces to create an overview of you. What visitors to your home see is a snapshot of your interests and what you're passionate about and if that happens to be art, we think you should go all out to display it to it's best.

There are endless ways to exhibit home art, many of which require little or no budget, so we have compiled some of our favourite techniques for you to consider for your home.

On your walls

Perhaps the simplest and most common way to display home art, hanging it on your walls allows it to gain maximum exposure, be seen by the most people possible and if you have some budget to spare, you can even tailor you lighting solutions to fit around it.

We love this picture from KWK Promes that shows a vast and impressive white wall being put to use as an art gallery, complete with well placed down lighters. Despite the dining room being nothing short of gorgeous, the main focus of the room is undisputedly those large paintings.

On the table

Revoke Smoke, Invoke Oak Arthouse Gallery ArtworkOther artistic objects
Arthouse Gallery

Revoke Smoke, Invoke Oak

Arthouse Gallery

For smaller properties or those that like their home art a little less standard and a lot more eclectic, like these amazing jar sculptures, we suggest proudly displaying it on top of the main dining room or kitchen table.

Sure to get a lot of attention, art can make an incredible alternative to standard centre pieces, providing diners with a talking point as well as really injecting some personality into dinner time. Even side tables are a great location for small installations and we think including something a little more avant garde on your hallway table makes a striking and dramatic statement for first time guests!

Take it outside

There are no rules that say you can only include home art actually inside your house, so we think that is enough of a reason to get creative with your outdoor spaces too! 

This beautifully tactile garden sculpture really brings a sense of purpose and drama to the whole of the outdoor area, despite it being sizeable and the sculpture itself being modest and simple. We think that some well placed exterior lighting would help to make this piece really shine, especially at night when it would be reflected in the river too. Amazing!

On your shelves

We know that in a busy household any useful shelves quickly become congested with a myriad of everyone's belongings that they can't be bothered to take to their rooms, as well as other trinkets and items such as books and music. What we like to see, however, are pieces of home art nestled in amongst the fray, taking centre stage and being able to pop, despite the clatter of their surroundings.

This is a great example of exactly that, with dedicated shelves displaying cultural pieces with ease and not just getting overshadowed by the rows of CDs. A great conversation starter, we can imagine visitors stopping at these shelves to ask where pieces came from and a fascinating story ensuing!

In a feature gallery

If you have a lot of hanging home art to display and you are keen to keep it all in close proximity, why not think about creating a specific wall gallery? 

We like the imperfect spacing and display style being utilised here as it prevents the art from appearing too 'stuffy' or hard to understand. Instead, this set up encourages dialogue and makes every individual frame stand both alone as an independent piece and alongside the rest of the items as a whole and cohesive gallery. Pops of colour that draw from furniture in the wider room are also a wonderful touch that makes the art really feel like part of the fabric and furniture of this home.

Behind glass

If you are a serious fan of collecting and you have sought to include expensive, exclusive and high end home art in your house, you may want to think about protecting it. We don't mean hiring a security guard that stops people from getting too close but beautiful glass-fronted display cases are a fabulous addition to perfectly finished homes.

These illuminated cabinets really are something else and display the art inside them in a gorgeous way that seems to scream 'look, but don't touch' and there is nothing wrong with that. Art doesn't have to be pretentious or unattainable but when it's valuable it does make sense to look after it!

For more artistic inspiration take a look at this Ideabook: Modern Art For The Home.

How do you display your home art? Let us know in the comments, below.

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