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Bathtub- Good idea or bad?

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Don't get caught up in the belief that a bathroom design absolutely, positively has to contain a bath, as it really doesn't! In fact, if you're a household of shower users, it makes total sense that you discard the bath altogether in favour of a more luxurious and spacious shower unit.

Ask any modern bathroom planner and they'll tell you that you can make your own rules when it comes to the things you choose to include in your space. Nevertheless, in case you need some further proof, take a look at these incredible bath-less bathrooms and the reasons why they work so well!

1. You can add luxury additions in the place of a bath

Look at that amazing rug! With a spacious layout in this bathroom, there is plenty of room for more exciting and unusual additions, such as a fur rug and beautiful retro light fixtures.

2. You'll gain space for statement items

Just look at the vanity unit here. With a bath in this room there wouldn't be even nearly enough space for such a chunky, eye-catching piece of furniture!

3. The shower becomes the star of the show

With no large bath to draw your eye, all attention will be focused on a statement shower, if you see fit to create one. We love the beautiful feature wall details here!

4. You can enjoy cleaner lines

With no chunky bath breaking up the open feel of a room, it will feel much freer and larger. Make the shower screen clear glass and the effect is amplified.

5. A shower is the perfect location for some bold colour

Home Appia Antica CAFElab studio Industrial style bathroom
CAFElab studio

Home Appia Antica

CAFElab studio

If you want to embrace some vibrant colour in your bathroom, there is no better way to do so than inside a shower cubicle. It contains the impactful addition perfectly, making it a real focal point.

6. Awkward rooms can become a bathroom

If you remove the need for a bath, any space can effectively become a bathroom as long as you can squeeze a shower in somewhere. Even low roof beams won't be a problem!

7. Your space will seem more contemporary

If modern styling is what you're going for, removing your bath will definitely make your bathroom align with that desire. Unusual hardware will add to the effect as well. 

8. Your cleaning schedule will be easier to manage

Think about cleaning your bathroom and you'll have to admit that cleaning the bath takes the most time. Remove the bath and you cut your efforts considerably!

9. You'll use less water

With no bath in your bathroom, you'll be able to instigate a drastic reduction in water usage, which will have a good impact on your energy bills as well as the environment. 

10. You'll have more styles to choose from

Baths are pretty standard, with just sizes and colours mixing things up. 

In contrast, where showers are concerned, if you can imagine it, you can probably buy it! Small, large, round or square, there's a shower style for everyone.

For more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 18 easy ways to have a lovely bathroom (and not die trying).

Are you tempted to wave goodbye to your bath?

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