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12 tricks that will make your small home look modern

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Say what you will about space, but is feels great to have lots of it in your living quarters. But due to the population becoming more (or maybe Earth is just shrinking?), the lack of space is on just about everybody’s minds these days.

And with small space comes small homes, which can definitely present a challenge not only lifestyle-wise, but on a decorative level too. Those elegant sofas, those fantastic keepsakes you want everybody to admire – they can’t just hover in mid-air, which means it’s up to some clever planning to keep your storage- and display levels adequate, while also ensuring decent moving space for you and your family.

Which brings us to today’s piece: 12 modern tips to decorate smaller rooms without cutting the style factor. Let’s see what our options are…

1. Light tones with vibrant accessories

Deck out that small space with a light neutral (think white, cream, soft earth colours) for visual spaciousness, and then add some colour via your furniture and décor. 

These vibrant spots will stand out and ensure a contemporary look through your choice of home furnishings (sofas, rugs, cushions, etc.)

2. Adequate storage space

A small room with clutter will become even smaller. Make sure that you have enough storage compartments with cupboards, cabinetry, drawers, etc.

3. Reflective surfaces

A generous mirror instantly doubles up on visual space, and when paired with effective lighting fixtures, adds both illumination and style to any small room.

Notice that this tiny bathroom opted for a monochrome look in terms of colour, yet white seems to be the dominant tone—remember tip 1?

4. Several light sources

A small room with inadequate light will not only look gloomy, but also cramped. And when it comes to a space where sharp objects and hot surfaces are the order of the day, like the kitchen, then you can’t be playing around with insufficient lighting.

Notice how this kitchen/dining area is lit up from various angles, adding both style and depth to the room. 

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5. Practical organisers

Marylebone LEIVARS Modern style bedroom



Effective storage solutions are not just about keeping everything neat – it’s also about keeping those elements in their place. And your bedroom floor is certainly not the place for your shoe collection. 

See how this elegant closet door (mirror-clad, no less) slides open to reveal a multitude of fashionable items – without which this contemporary bedroom would definitely have looked cramped and cluttered.

6. Wall niches

Your walls can be so much more than the space where you flaunt your love for wallpaper or paint. Cleverly crafted niches can help with storage space, especially when you add in a few floating shelves.

Notice how effective this look turned out for this bedroom above, with the niche shelves performing the function of exceptional side tables.

7. Minimalist style

Not enough room for an abundance of elements? Then opt for the “less is more” look with the minimalist style. 

Focus on including only the basic and necessary elements, and get yourself into the mindset that clean space is just as important as furniture and décor pieces.

8. Modern tiles with a mirror finish

These industrial-style tiles are the epitome of modern design. They add detail, they are coated in a light neutral tone, and they help to add visual spaciousness to a room, especially when combined with soft toned floors and ceilings – and a generous mirror surface, of course.

9. Open-plan layouts

When you don’t have too much space to spare, it makes sense not to waste it on unnecessary elements like walls, right? 

So, we recommend the open-plan layout, allowing areas like the kitchen, dining room, and living room to blend seamlessly together.

10. Multifunctional furniture

Let your furniture do double duty to save even more space. 

Examples include: a kitchen peninsula which works as both a countertop and dining area (perhaps even a bar); ottomans that serve as seating options but also have built-in storage compartments; coffee tables with drawers for those never-ending accessories and elements in the living room…

11. Natural lighting

We love ourselves some beautiful window treatment, but in small spaces it’s best to let the light in. So, pull aside those curtains/blinds and let fresh sunshine illuminate those tiny spaces.

12. Effective shelf space

Not to worry if you don’t have legroom for a large wardrobe or cupboard – opt for some stylish shelves instead. They take up no floor space, they add detail to your walls, and they are perfect solutions for both storing and displaying a wide range of keepsakes.

Just don’t resort to a cluttered look and make sure you leave enough breathing room inbetween those elements. 

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Which of these space-gaining tips will you try?

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