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​Simple tricks to make your kitchen look more expensive

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Another day, another piece of good news from homify. And today’s wonderful words of wisdom: you do not have to resort to a big budget in order to enjoy the glamorous kitchen of your dreams.

It is true, and we have the tips and images to prove it. Quick and clever tricks like new colours or hiding your appliances can also result in a more updated (and upmarket) look for your culinary space without you having to sell a kidney to afford it.

Plus, just imagine the admiring compliments and envious looks you’ll receive from guests when they drop by to gawk at your new kitchen.

Here’s what to do…

1. Go with great lighting

A gorgeous light fixture can definitely elevate your kitchen status from “nice” to “fabulous”, or whatever choice phrase you desire. Thus, if those kitchen lighting fixtures are too dim or outdated (or just plain boring), opt for some new ones that reflect your personality, whether it’s a classic chandelier or an ultra-contemporary model.

And remember the magic words: layered lighting!

2. Style up your hardware

A quick and easy fix is to replace those old cabinet and drawer pulls/handles with new ones, like stainless steel. 

Perhaps you could add some interest by using different designs for cabinets and drawers? Just make sure to stick with the same finish for a consistent look.

3. Treat yourself to a new faucet

Sink with drain grooves on the worktop AD3 Design Limited KitchenSinks & taps
AD3 Design Limited

Sink with drain grooves on the worktop

AD3 Design Limited

With all the fantastic options and price ranges out there, there is really no excuse for any kitchen to have a boring faucet. 

Make sure to pick a sleek one in the same finish as your cabinet hardware, as that will instantly add an expensive-looking touch to your sink.

4. Clear off the fridge

Fielding Road Hamilton King Modern kitchen
Hamilton King

Fielding Road

Hamilton King

Don’t get us wrong: we love beautiful photos of families, friends and pets, but a fridge that’s plastered with pictures, magnets, take-away menus, and to-do lists looks chaotic. 

If a clean and clear fridge surface is not for you, then pick a few favourite art pieces to hang in line with simple magnets for a streamlined look. 

Toss or store the rest!

5. Go for stainless steel surfaces

Contemporary Kitchen in Huddersfield at Bradley Twenty 5 Design Modern kitchen
Twenty 5 Design

Contemporary Kitchen in Huddersfield at Bradley

Twenty 5 Design

Not to worry if you can’t afford brand-new appliances, as you can still get that stainless-steel look with your current ones. 

Coat your fridge, dishwasher, or microwave with a stainless steel finish for a very high-end look that definitely won’t shake up your budget too much.

6. Splash some wall art around

Even though the kitchen is first and foremost a working space, it doesn’t mean that beauty should go out the window. 

And if you don’t like those still-life paintings of fruit, then replace them with more lavish and chic options like tapestries, framed landscapes, abstract works with hidden meanings, wall decals, or a wall mural.

7. Stick to lighter tones

Light colours reflect more light, making the room appear bigger and brighter – and mixed with the right materials, this can result in a more lavish look for your kitchen. 

We recommend white cabinets and walls to trick the eye into thinking your kitchen is larger (and much more expensive) than it is.

8. Out with the clutter

SE1 Extension Designcubed Modern kitchen

SE1 Extension


The “expensive” look is never synonymous with the “messy” one, and yet any kitchen can easily become a hoarding place for mail, files, toys, bags, and goodness knows what else. 

Commit to a permanent storage area for as many elements as possible. And for those come-and-go items like mail and kids’ schoolwork, find a nicely decorated basket to keep all these contained in one spot.

9. Hide away those appliances

Regularly used items like the coffee maker and toaster should be out in the open, but find another spot for the appliances you use less often. Think of you lifting your arms or bending your back to retrieve your smoothie maker or waffle iron as exercise. 

Plus, the clear and clutter-free look of your counter will be so worth it.

10. Bring in some potted pretties

Camberwell Victorian House My Bespoke Room Ltd Modern kitchen
My Bespoke Room Ltd

Camberwell Victorian House

My Bespoke Room Ltd

Let’s scatter a couple of potted plants in the kitchen to add a touch of freshness, shall we? That will make it look like you put some effort into your décor.

As a bonus, you can use the herbs from the herb garden on your windowsill as fresh new flavours for your dishes.

11. Lay down a rug

Your kitchen floors deserve attention too. So, lay down a beautiful new rug to dress up the space with some colour and pattern. 

Unless your cooking skills are of the messy and splatter kind, you can get away with any design you want; however, we recommend an easy-to-clean outdoor rug just to be safe.

12. Get some cool stools

An island or breakfast bar is a fantastic excuse to go shopping for new stools and add visual interest to your kitchen. Search for exceptional-looking ones that are sure to elicit an appreciative whistle or two. 

And if you don’t have enough counter space for stools, then tuck a small seat in a corner to create a fun, unexpected seating space.

13. Redo your cabinets

Timeless Greys Rencraft Classic style kitchen Wood Grey

Timeless Greys


We say “away” with cheap-looking scuffs, but don’t phone up a kitchen designer just yet if you feel that your cabinets deserve a new look. 

Easily (and cost-effectively) replace the fronts of the cabinets yourself, or paint them, or simply sand and stain the existing ones to freshen up your kitchen’s look. 

However, before you get started, take note of the: 10 things NOT to do when you paint kitchen cabinets.

How else can you get the posh look in your kitchen?

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