20 beautiful bathrooms where wood is the star

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There was a time when wood and bathrooms simply didn't mix. But then we all realised that we were missing a trick and with proper preparation and maintenance, wood is more than just a possibility for your bathroom design, it is a must have.

From perfect floors to pretty panelling and key accessories, wood can and is used in a myriad of ways in bathrooms around the world and we love that interior designers and bathroom planners have clearly taken this wonderful natural material to heart. 

Just wait until you see how lovely it can look when used sparingly or in great quantities… you won't believe your eyes!

1. Spa feel

Wood makes a bathroom feel like a luxury spa when used everywhere.

2. Organic feel

A simple wooden floor designed to mirror exposed roof beams adds an organic feel.

3. You're so vain

A wooden vanity unit is a great way to add an extra material into your bathroom.

4. Contrast with black

Wood contrasts perfectly with black, making for a high-end scheme.

5. Full of character

Rustic wood allows a home's character to shine through in every room, even the most functional ones.

6. Great for small spaces

As an accent, wood works perfectly in a small bathroom as it won't overpower the main design scheme.

7. Scandinavian style

For a Scandinavian feel, wooden walls in your shower enclosure does the trick!

8. Rustic shelving

Wooden shelving looks amazing and can soften up an otherwise industrial feel quickly and easily.

9. Connected to nature

When you want your room to feel connected to nature, natural wood is a must!

10. A hygienic replacement

Slatted wood makes a great alternative to unsanitary bath mats.

11. Always the highlight

To highlight a particular feature, wood makes the perfect surround.  This bath is basically framed!

12. The white contrast

Like to add a little contrast with your natural materials? Then leave some wood plain and paint other specific items.

13. Eye-catching finish

When only an eye-catching finish will do, you can't go wrong with a warm coloured wooden floor.

14. Install some wood

Chunky wooden installations have such a natural grace and authority. Sink plinths like this are to die for!

15. The finishing touch

In a pared back and neutral room, a pale wooden floor is the perfect finishing touch that won't detract from other carefully considered items.

16. When it's me time

Doesn't this bathroom look and feel like an expensive sauna or spa?

17. Loves something rugged

With rugged stone walls in place, you can't seriously consider anything other than a natural wooden floor to soften the overall aesthetic.

18. Look up!

When you're stuck for a way to add wood to your bathroom, look up and think about your ceiling.

19. Just add warmth

When a bathroom is devoid of any colour, a warm, polished wooden floor adds just enough contrast to amplify the simple design.

20. Get fancy

Boxing your bath in with wood will keep even a cheap suite looking high-end and sophisticated.

For more brilliant bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 18 easy ways to have a lovely bathroom (and not die trying).

How have you used wood in your bathroom design?

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