16 common home organisation errors our readers make

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In a bid to get your home more organised and running as smoothly as possible, it's utterly conceivable that you're making some common mistakes a number of our other readers do too. 

But we're not telling you this to make you feel silly! In fact, our motives are quite the opposite, as we want you to know you're not alone, while also filling you in on all the ways you can avoid repeating your errors. 

Professional cleaners constantly encounter people who've been trying to organise their homes in all the wrong ways, so we've followed their advice to pull together the key errors you want to avoid making. And we've also given you the solutions because we're nice like that.

Come and take advantage of it!

1. Only focusing on trends

Never mind that certain magazines tell you you need 500 of everything, we say you only need one so stop being blind-sighted by trends and get more minimal.

2. Hiding things in closets

Just because you can't see the mess, it doesn't mean it's not there! Actually tidy rather than just hiding clutter.

3. Thinking neat piles are organised

Piles are piles whether ordered or not. Everything should have a home and if it doesn't, ask yourself if you actually need it.

4. Copying partners' habits

Just because your partner puts certain items in particular places it doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Find your own organisational rhythm and it will be easier to stick to.


Unless the contents of your storage boxes are neat and ordered, you're using them wrong. They're not dumping grounds so sort and label them.

6. Having a junk room

A lot of us are guilty of this but it doesn't make it right.

Don't concede to making a room your dumping ground as it will quickly spiral out of control. Place an embargo on discarded items until you've tidied what's already in there!

7. Impulse buying 'helpful' gadgets

You know as well as we do that most of these gadgets will get used once and never see the light of day again. Think before you waste your money!

8. Not having a clear out during moving time

Moving house is the perfect opportunity for having a serious clear out. So, as well as packing boxes, why not hire a skip and aim to fill it with things you no longer want or need?

9. Having one big blitz every now and then

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This is such a mistake as you'll spend a whole day cleaning and tidying, which will make you dread the next time. Just do a little, often and it will feel far more manageable.

10. Being unwilling to commit to a regular cleaning schedule

We do understand this mistake as, let's be honest, cleaning isn't exactly a thrill. But it's a necessary evil that you need to make time for so devise a rota and stick with it.

11. Trying to allocate enough time for a big tidy

So many people won't start organising until they think they have enough time to complete it. That is a huge error! Just dig in and make a start and you'll be shocked at how much you get done.

12. Going it alone

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If you live with people, why would you shoulder all the organisation alone? Make sure the whole family pulls their weight!

13. Buying storage items before you've even started

How do you know how much storage equipment you need until you've started your organising? Don't clutter up your home with even more items until you know you really do need them.

14. Choosing the wrong helpers

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If you keep trying to get your family to help with organisational tasks but secretly know they're useless, look further afield for some help. 

A motivated friend may be far more handy in a pinch!

15. Storing things in the house when you have a perfectly good garage

Why have a garage if you're going to let everything and anything clutter up your home? 

There are amazing garage organisation systems out there to keep the space usable, so install one and evacuate the house of rubbish.

16. Being too sentimental to throw things out

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We understand it can be hard to let go of items that have an emotional significance but ask yourself if you're likely to use things again in the next six months. If your answer is no, it could be time to throw it away.

Obviously, high value items can simply be stored out of sight but everything else should go in the bin or to a good cause.

For more organisation motivation, take a look at this Ideabook: A tightwad's guide to low-cost home organisation.

Which mistakes are you guilty of?

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