​13 things that definitely should NOT be in your kitchen!

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As the heart of the home, the kitchen is regarded as not only the space where we cook and dine, but also where we spend quality time with friends and family – and this puts a certain importance on its look in terms of décor and design, don’t you agree?

But if you thought that a few cookbooks and a bowl with plastic fruit was all it took, then think again. Nothing is that simple! But enjoying the perfect kitchen in terms of functionality and aesthetic quality doesn’t have to be brain surgery either.

So, in the spirit of a neat and beautiful space where you would want to spend time in, let’s take a look at 13 things that should not be in your kitchen.

1. Too much fruit

A nice little bowl packed with fruit (the real kind, not plastic) is always a pleasant touch for the kitchen, but ensure you don’t go overboard with either the fruit or the bowls.

One bowl is enough, and don’t try to stack it as high as you can. And it’s also fun to play with the different colours of the fruit – will they contrast with your kitchen’s tones, or blend in?

2. A huge vase on your island

While we would never ever discourage anybody from bringing fresh flowers or house plants into their home, we do advise you to put some thinking into where you place them. A vase with fresh-cut flowers is beautiful, but it takes up valuable space. And a kitchen island requires lots of space for slicing, grating, stirring and whatnot. 

Rather place that potted plant on the windowsill or the peninsula/breakfast counter, and leave the working zones open.

3. Too many cookbooks

It is true that displaying cookbooks in the kitchen lends a certain quality to the space, but how many of those books do you really use on a daily basis?

We are thrilled that you have the recipes for everything from prawn paella to red velvet trifle, but try and keep only a few books in your culinary space (it is made for working, after all), and move the rest to the bookcase in your living room / study.

4. Too many appliances

No need to store away your coffee maker, for we agree that caffeine is vital. But keeping that waffle iron (and smoothie maker and deluxe food blender… ) on display is really just taking up unnecessary space.

Stick to the vital ones that are used daily, and hide the rest.

5. Dirt and clutter

Good on you for dusting those countertops every other day, but how about the farthest corners of those cabinets? Or that drawer that you just stick unwanted elements into on a regular basis – what’s going on in there?

We recommend treating your entire kitchen to a thorough cleansing to see what is taking up space and what needs to be donated or thrown out. 

Who knows how much space this little cleaning ritual could conjure up for you?

6. Expired foods

Bespoke oak larder homify Country style kitchen

While you’re busy with tip number 5, swoop into that pantry and do some stock take. See which foods and spices have expired, which ones you’ve completely forgotten about, and which ones need to be replenished.  

Need an architect or gardener? How about a carpenter or kitchen planner? Our list of professionals can help you out…

7. Impractical vintage pieces

You may be very proud of that cutlery set or antique (and overly decorated) china dish you inherited from a relative, but you don’t need to be displaying it or even using it every day.

Opt for utensils, cutlery and accessories that are practical and can be used on a daily basis, and let’s keep those valuable vintage pieces for special occasions, shall we?

8. Too many plants

A potted plant here, a vase with flowers there – and you’re done. No really, stop decorating your kitchen with foliage before it reaches a state where it can rival the Amazon jungle.

9. Too many open shelves

We definitely recommend open shelves for displaying and storing a range of keepsakes and accessories (and not only for the kitchen), but using only these and no cabinets with closed doors can result in a cluttered look.

Opt for displaying a few daily used items on those shelves, and stick the majority of your kitchen equipment into the cabinets.

10. Loose-lying papers

It’s perfectly understandable that you sometimes do some work at the kitchen island or help the little ones with homework, but the fact remains that the kitchen is not a study or home office.

Clear those countertops and table surfaces from loose papers and files immediately!

11. Too many baskets and bowls

We thoroughly support the idea of using a basket or nice bowl for storing those daily-used items such as car keys and sunglasses, especially when those cabinet drawers are becoming too full. They even help in adding character to your space. 

But like potted plants, these need to be kept in moderation and should never clutter valuable working surfaces.

12. A carpet in the kitchen

This one is pretty self-explanatory, for why would you want to opt for a plush fabric floor in a space that deals with spills and splatters on a regular basis?

Having said that, we do understand the appeal of a soft underfoot feeling and adding some colour, texture and pattern into the kitchen. Thus, go with a small area rug for certain spots, and rely on other materials (i.e. tiles or hardwood) for the majority of the flooring surface.

13. Scattered utensils

A huge kitchen knife lying on the countertop is a mistake waiting to happen, especially when you have little ones in the house. Not to mention that it can look untidy.  

Always store cooking utensils (even something as innocent as a spatula) in their correct spots after using/cleaning. 

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What other tips will ensure a better-looking kitchen?

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