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This stunning, Singaporean abode is the brainchild of Hyla Architects and brings together elements of industrial and minimalist design to create an inventive, multi-level home called The Well of Light.

The name is no accident, with windows and skylights dispersed throughout, allowing sunlight to permeate every corner of the space, creating a warm, serene ambience. Contrasting finishes within the home intrigue and delight, from the industrial edge of the buffed, concrete walls to the deep brown tones of polished wooden floorboards. Elements of modern luxury are also prevalent, with the novelty of a still, indoor pond calmly decorating the entranceway to the kitchen, and the relaxed ambience of a private rooftop courtyard waiting to reward the occupants with fresh air and a gorgeous view of the city. 

Truly this home has been designed to impress and inspire, with its open, expansive layout merging beautifully illuminated living areas, all tied together with strong lines and the alluring simplicity of minimalist design.

Take a tour and admire the Well of Light in its full glory!

Geometric façade

This view of the home at dusk introduces its intriguing facade, with the cool, industrial grey of the concrete emitting a pale glow from the street. An array of unusual windows in all shapes and sizes gives an indication of the extraordinary use of light within this home, and of its interesting and inventive design. The lower level reveals the expanse of the interior, as it flows forth behind the modest privacy of the timber fence.

Streamlined staircase

Once inside we get a sense of how natural light is able to permeate every corner of the home, with the narrow stairway illuminated through side windows and a skylight overhead. Sunshine streams around the room, playing upon the concrete walls and highlighting the deep tones of the timber flooring and blinds. 

Best of all are the geometric patterns of rectangular windows carved into the concrete, which add a decorative, artistic sense of character throughout the home.

Decorative windows

This view lends insight into the depth of those magnificent, wooden floorboards as they contrast with the industrial edge of the concrete walls and black, metal door frames. The array of rectangular windows adorning the wall adds a novel element to the design, with hints of the streamlined stairwell beyond popping through the narrow, glass panes. Each design feature within the space coexists in simple harmony, highlighting the beauty of minimalism in modern interior architecture.

Floating floor

The first floor of the home retains an open and expansive feel, with the wooden floor floating above the lower level, subtly framed by glass and black metal. The industrial effect of the buffed concrete plays beautifully with the smooth finishes of the flooring, with a glass balustrade included to maximise the penetration of sunlight throughout this level of the home.

Simple furnishings populate the living area, continuing the theme of minimalist design and creating a relaxed atmosphere in which to recline and indulge.

Indoor water feature

The ground floor of the home boasts another novel design feature, with luxurious black stone lining a minimalist indoor pond. Smooth timber slats provide a walkway across the still, soothing water into the kitchen beyond. The black stone grounds this room beautifully, providing a stunning contrast to the pale walls and polished concrete floor of the kitchen area.

Modern kitchen

The kitchen is contemporary and streamlined, with sophisticated and simple finishes and furnishings and ample storage to reduce clutter. The polished concrete floors echo the cool, grey tones of the ceiling overhead and provide a beautiful backdrop to the light circulating throughout, as it bounces off the white walls and stainless steel finishes. 

The warmth of deep, brown timber can be seen in the left hand corner, with the lines of a classic shelving unit and dining table resting stoically by the kitchen island.

Sleek bathroom

The bathroom of the home presents a departure from the decor of the living areas, with concrete walls and timber floors replaced by pale, stone and wooden finishes. The design of the space still retains a minimalistic feel, with contemporary features such as the round mirror and sculptural tap adding a modern edge. 

Light streams into the room through a ceiling skylight, meaning that the occupants are simultaneously bathed in water and sunshine in this simple yet stunning space.

Sun filled shower

The shower unit also houses a bath tub for ultimate indulgence, with light streaming overheard through an expansive skylight to relax and rejuvenate. A wooden blind shields the occupants from prying eyes and the smooth finishes of the light brown tiles help to generate a warm ambience within the space.

Rooftop views

Crowning this beautiful abode is a lovely, private courtyard area with a delightful view of the surrounding neighbourhood. The space is cosy and inviting, not just to the occupants, as it also invites sunshine to stream in and warm the home beneath. The deep tones of the wooden blinds lilt over the courtyard, infusing the atmosphere with relaxed ambience and increasing the sense of private luxury within this unique space.

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