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Palace Gardens Terrace is not your regular English address, in fact, this area is one of the most coveted in all of London. Hosting a score of celebrities and London's most wealthy, to find a property in this area that hasn't either already been purchased or undergone extensive renovations is a truly outstanding feat. The property was purchased for an overseas client, who naturally, wished to live in the lap of luxury when in London. In three weeks, the flat was miraculously sourced, and within a further two, had been exchanged. This is indeed a very special project which Spiering & Co have graciously shared with us to look at in detail today.

An unassuming exterior

Most townhouses of this vintage are separated into approximately four apartments, so for Spiering & Co, it was a truly special treat to be able to find this gem that had only been divided in half. With far more space to play with than they had imagined, the designers were really able to open up the bounds of their creativity to create a flat that is the epitome of elegance and class. Fortunately for the occupants, and what cannot be seen from this angle, is the fact that these apartments are blessed with a stellar view of Kensington Palace.

Before: Kitchen

Dated and retro, and certainly not in the designer sense, this kitchen is screaming for an update. A crying shame as the orientation and position of the window has allowed for a great flow of natural light. The organisation of the cupboards, though many in number, makes the space feel cramped, and almost as if you are being closed in by an army of little white doors. The cupboards above the stove too, are terribly placed, making the poor occupant feel as though they are wedged into the corner as they are cooking their meals.

After: Kitchen

Wow—what a difference! The kitchen is now a true example of stunning modern kitchen design. The space has been totally reorganised, adding a kitchen island for more storage and retaining the height and space on the walls. No longer does it feel cramped and claustrophobic—it is now a pleasure for any competent chef or home cook to whip up a culinary storm!

Before: Sleeping quarters

As with the other rooms, the bedroom too, is outdated and has a feeling of too much furniture in such a small space. The lack of bedhead leaves too much white space about the bed, making it look short and small. The curtains and bed cover also do not match, one is a cool metallic shade of silver, the other a warm biscuit tone. The twin bedside lamps are totally out of context, with the chocolate brown standing out like a sore thumb.

After: Bedroom 1

Now, the new occupants can breathe a sigh of relief in this serene and calm bedroom. Delicate shades of blue and brown break the all white theme, adding a touch of luxury and charm. These three colours complement each other wonderfully, none standing out more so than the other. The subtle mint green wall behind the pastel blue headboard acts as a wonderful backdrop. The addition of recessed downlights helps to illuminate the space with a soft and elegant glow as opposed to heavy and warm.

After: Bedroom 2

In the second bedroom, a similar theme has been employed, except in this instance a soft shade of purple has been used against soft beiges and whites. Fresh and updated, this is a bedroom that is a pleasure to be in—perhaps you may not even want to leave it!

Before: Bathroom

The bathroom was a bit of a horror story with blue and white chequered tiles looking drab and a little sterile. There is not enough store either, with the tiny shelf above the sink cramped with toiletries and also at a completely dysfunctional height in terms of ergonomics. For those who have lived in older homes, how many times have you knocked your head on these disastrously placed shelves? The lid of the toilet is probably the worst part—looking dirty and old. 

After: Bathroom

Now, a bathroom that fits perfectly with modern standards is presented to us. The updated colour palette and clever use of floor to ceiling tiles looks streamlined and sleek. The floating shelving unit with large mirror provides ample storage for all the products we naturally accumulate. The stainless steel towel adds an interesting touch too, balancing the flusher and taps together. One should feel relaxed and cleansed in a bathroom, and this is exactly what will be felt after this renovation.

Before: Living room

Disorganised and cluttered, this living room is hardly conducive to relaxation and respite. The original colour scheme leaves much to be desired, with a very dated, and worn looking version of off-white brown. There are far too many decorations from different eras, resulting in a look that is uneven and messy.

After: Living room

Wow—a real transformation can be seen here. A room that was once dull and lifeless is now light filled, airy and spacious. It's surprising to see the comparison between the two, as even though there are as many accessories and decorations, perhaps even more, than before. Yet, the effect is uniform and balanced, elegant and chic. Now, this is the perfect space to relax, enjoy a cup of tea with friends, or even sink back into the armchair with a glass of wine and a good book.

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What are you thoughts on this stunning home transformation? Would you have done anything differently? Let us know in the comments section below.
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