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22 small things (you’ve forgotten) you need to clean

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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We all know about the major things we're meant to clean every week, but what about those smaller, more easily forgotten items? Are you sure you're doing everything you can to have a super clean, hygienic and sparkling home? If not, don't panic, as most of us don't! 

Forgetting to tackle small tasks is something us humans are fantastic at but we're also good at compiling lists so we stop forgetting. That's what this is; a handy compendium of extra cleaning duties that won't take long but will make a huge difference to your home. 

Professional cleaners may have known to shake out the cutlery drawer in your kitchen now and then but if that's news to you, read on as this is definitely the article for you and these things need your attention.

1. The drawer of your washing machine

Give it a good scrub at least once a month as soap build-up gets tough, quickly.

2. Utensils

Give them a wipe before you use them, especially if they're hung up instead of in a drawer.

3. Light shades

It won't take a second to run a duster around them, inside and out!

4. Cupboard handles

You won't believe how mucky these get so grab a wet dishcloth.

5. Underneath your cooker

You might need to dig out an extra long vacuum attachment for this one!

6. Inside your utensil drawer

Give it a good shake out once in a while.

7. All your bathroom hardware

This includes taking the shower-head off and giving it a scrub.

8. Soap dishes

They get slimy and disgusting.

9. Shower curtains

You can actually put them in the washing machine so you have no excuse.

10. Shower screens

Don't just assume they get washed when you do, as water marks are a pain!

11. Toilet roll holders

They get so dusty so grab the polish and a duster.

12. Bathtub feet

Water marks get everywhere so don't forget to scrub between the 'toes'.

13. Shower enclosure hinges and hardware

Without a good clean they can dull or, worse still, get rusty.

14. Pet beds

The amount of hair any pet sheds is incredible so hoover their favourite spot once a week.

15. Radiators

Lint, dust and all sorts flock to the backs of them so vacuum weekly!

16. Bedroom throw pillows

Just like your normal pillows, they need a good freshen now and then so bash them about in the fresh air.

17. Picture frames

Dust just loves to settle on the top of them and if you can't see it, you won't remove it.

18. Headboards

Greasy hair can really take its toll on a headboard so give it a wipe each week, or for a fabric version, treat it to prevent staining.

19. Skirting boards

You'll be shocked when you lean down to check yours! Grab a dryer sheet and give them a wipe to get rid of months of dust.

20. Fireplaces

Real fires throw a lot of ash into a room unless cleared out after each use (once it's cold, obviously!).

21. Under your sofa cushions

Crumbs, hair and even knick-knacks all end up there. The vacuum cleaner is your best friend for this one!

22. Household rugs

Every rug will benefit from a regular freshen-up. Just sprinkle baking soda on them, leave for an hour and vacuum.

You see? None of these were tricky or too time consuming but they will make a massive difference to your home! 

If you're looking for more quick and easy cleaning tips, then take a look at this Ideabook: 15 borderline genius home cleaning hacks you need.

What other little cleaning tasks did we forget?
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