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The wonder of modern rustic styling in 9 photos

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If you've been labouring under the illusion that rustic styling has to look old-fashioned or somehow historical, think again. When it's blended with some piquant modernity, it comes alive in a whole new way and looks incredible! 

Don't believe us? Well, you just get ready to take that lack of faith back as we've found some amazing pictures that show how experienced interior designers have blended rustic homes with modern themes to create a whole new genre of decorating and it's really something.

Let's take a look and admire how blended really can mean beautiful.

1. A rustic structure with contemporary furniture

Did we or did we not tell you that modern and rustic themes go well together? Well, here is the proof.

The undeniably rugged shell of this house really accepts the chic contemporary kitchen and dining furniture and neither battles for your exclusive attention.

2. Style comes easy to a rustic home

The exposed wooden roof and original windows here keep things rustic at heart, but the pale walls and elegant layout adds a touch of modern genius. 

Maybe rustic homes are just impossible to decorate badly? 

3. Rustic styling is ideal for outside areas

For a little al fresco dining you can't beat a rustic terrace, but that doesn't mean you can't have modern furniture, lighting or even a contemporary grill.

It's the rustic ambience that lends itself to such areas, not the specific motifs.

4. A modern vibe works within a rustic setting

The interesting thing about this room is that the entire feel is modern and fresh yet the home itself is demonstrably rustic, if that large stone wall is anything to go by.

Despite such a grand feature, the contemporary freshness is what permeates through.

That's how you blend styles!

5. Rustic homes can offer pockets of modernity

Genuinely rustic homes often have interesting original features, such as funky niches and alcoves. What a great setting for a little modern injection! 

Imagine having the rest of the house pared back and traditional, but just a few little areas where technology, modern art and new sofas are king.

6. How about rustic, modern and rural all together?

When blending two genres together isn't enough, how about throwing an extra one into the mix? 

In this case, we're looking at a rustic home filled with modern accessories, all in a rural setting. Oddly enough, it all works and simply creates a terrace that looks more than good enough to eat on!

7. Even modern developments can't overshadow rustic heritage

Take a quick glance at this home and you might see a modern build but look again and you'll notice some more rustic touches. 

That's because this is actually an upgraded barn conversion and, despite fresh render and dazzling style, the nostalgic, homely feel that a rustic location exudes can't be denied.

8. Rustic on the outside, modern inside!

What an amazing contrast between the interior and exterior spaces. The rustic stonework and aged wood of the façade is gorgeous as it stands, but then a sophisticated and high-end interior really finishes this scene to perfection.

We think having a predominantly grey and white interior is why it works so well, naturally mirroring some of the stonework tones.

9. A little industrial chic thrown in for good measure

Rustic styling is such a strong statement that we'd never really thought about using it to soften up other looks, but in an industrial interior, the natural red brick wall looks warm, gentle and homely. 

Even the polished concrete floor seems less harsh and austere next to some upcycled wood and red bricks!

For more rustic inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 27 photos of low-cost rustic barbecues you could build.

How would you like to inject rustic style into your home?

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