These 10 jobs only have to be done once a year

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Let’s be honest: cleaning the house and your home furnishings is not the most glamorous or fun activity to do. Yet dirt and grime accumulate at such an alarming rate that a regular cleaning should be second nature to all of us.

But before you start weeping and sweeping, we bring good news – there are certain cleaning tasks which you can put off until next week. Even next month, just as long as you complete them within the next year.

On the other hand, these tasks are relatively simple, which means if you’re up for it, you can tackle them one by one and see how many you can complete in one day!

If this sounds like a “challenge accepted” scenario, then scroll ahead to see what they are.

1. Wipe down the garden furniture

Why would you want to clean garden furniture each and every day? As it stands outside, it is meant to become wet and dusty. 

Of course you should give it a wipe-down before sitting down or entertaining some company, but only put your back into a thorough cleaning (we’re talking soapy water, dust rags, the vacuum, and maybe even some polish) once a year to keep them looking spiffy.

2. Clean the window frames

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Aluminium Clad Wood Sash Windows

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As long as that frame gets dusted every week, you’re good to go. But treat it to a decent cleaning once a year – and don’t think this counts for the actual window as well, as that needs to be cleaned quite regularly.

3. Clean out the main drawer

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You know what we mean by “main drawer” – that one specific drawer in every house that is used for shoving just about everything inside, from unopened mail and takeaway menus to dead batteries and Barbie doll heads (hopefully the kids are responsible for that last one). 

Take it out, dump all the contents on the table, and please throw out whatever is not needed anymore. This should ensure enough space for another year’s clutter.

4. Wipe down the light bulbs

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Decorative filament light bulbs

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It's true that some light bulbs don’t even last a year, but this is dependent on how often it is used and replaced with new ones. 

What is amazing, though, is how sticky and dusty that light bulb can get, not to mention how much light is cut out because of this.

So, grab that chair and rag and get to it.

5. Get that chimney swept

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Considering how often that fireplace gets hot action in winter, and how much dust it gathers in the warmer months, this is definitely a no-brainer.

6. Wash your curtains

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Century Mills

Don’t let your windows (and frames) get all the clean glory. Those curtains work hard, hanging around all day and keeping out the sun and prying eyes when you command them to.  

So, treat them to a decent wash every year to show your appreciation.

7. Deep-clean those carpets

If this is a project you’ve never attempted, rather call a professional instead of approaching that fancy and expensive carpet with store-bought soap. The results could be disastrous.

8. Clean all upholstered furniture

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Pavilion sofa bed


Obviously the occasional spill should be cleaned immediately, but ensure those upholstered pieces get a decent cleaning every year.

If those sofas have removable covers, simply check the care label and pop them in the washing machine with a good quality detergent. 

Otherwise, vacuum the sofa/chair first to remove dust and dirt. Then, using soapy water and a microfiber cloth, gently wipe your sofa with the solution, allowing it to soak into the fabric and tackle the dirt beneath the surface. Don’t saturate the material – use a very small amount of water.

Allowing the sofa to dry naturally is the best option (if you have the time). To speed things up, open windows and allow the breeze to help with the drying process.

9. Empty the gutters

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Modern double side dormer

A1 Lofts and Extensions

This is not a project exclusive to autumn’s falling leaves, as rain and dust can also dirty those gutters. The great thing is that nobody can see how they look on the inside, which is why you only need to do this once a year.

10. Spring-clean your garage and basement

This doesn’t have to be completed in spring, but make sure you pick one of the seasons in a 12-month span to tackle this job. It could clear up so much space and get rid of so much clutter! 

Now, for those small cleaning rituals that can often slip your mind: 22 small things (you’ve forgotten) you need to clean.

How many of these tasks will you attempt in one day?

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