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Modern prefab home to move in today!

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We hope you're ready to have your mind drastically altered! Once upon a time we might also have harboured some preconceptions about prefabricated houses, but if we still did this would be the house to totally change that. 

Beautiful, innovative and enjoying a natural dialogue with its surroundings, this is a home we'd most definitely want to live in or commission an architect to replicate.

Let's take a closer look and see if you want to emulate it too!

In harmony with the garden

With huge glazing panels in as many walls as possible, this is a prefabricated home with a difference. 

Far from being chosen because it would be the fastest construction method, we think this design was implemented as it offered the best connection to the outside world. The windows simply pop into place and can be altered, whereas with a more traditional build, your plans are more (literally) set in stone!

A super welcoming terrace

Nothing says 'welcome home' quite like a sociable terrace on the sunniest spot of your property. 

Natural and black wood meet, working together perfectly while this easy little seating platform seems to promise you good weather every day. It's the simplicity of this area that really impresses us though, as it seems to be mirrored elsewhere…

Connected to the landscape

You see? Just look at how this house speaks to the wider plot! Every wall is basically a full-sized window and the wooden cladding (though painted black) helps the house to blend in and connect with the garden. 

Modern, beautiful and as stylish as any house we've seen, are you still so sure prefabs aren't cool?

Beautiful views

Coming inside the house, you really get a feel for why so much glazing was used… just look at this utterly spectacular view! 

With acres of greenery and no other people to be seen, this is a bathroom that promises relaxation on a new level, even with the curtains drawn. It's impossible to ignore the flawless styling of this room, as the wooden floor and simple décor are marvellous. 

Minimalist chic in the kitchen

Now that you've seen the bathroom, this kitchen can hardly come as a shock. 

Clean, simple lines offer a stark contrast to the softness and organic curves of the garden and, with all-white furniture, it comes down to the floor and lighting to offer some dark contrasts. 

To say this is a monochrome marvel would be an understatement.

Simple but effective layouts

The essence of this home appears to be a deep connection to a simpler kind of lifestyle. There are no unnecessarily fussy details, no over the tops displays of wealth and certainly no clutter, leaving a peaceful, natural style of home. 

Everything is well thought out and in a practical and logical location, while the outside world is only ever a pane of glass away!

Splashes of colour

Of course, even the most minimal of homes likes a hint of colour now and then, so this almost industrial room is really making the most of it.

With concrete walls and the mandatory wonderful view, a little technicolour gorgeousness finishes this space off perfectly.

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Could you live this minimally?

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