Creative ways to hide the ugly stuff in your home

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Let's not beat around the bush here: every home has ugly parts. There, we said it! Even if you've strived to create the perfect home design, the chances are you have some unfortunate radiators, maybe some exposed cabling or even naff curtain rails. If you don't know how to hide these things, you simply get used to them and adapt to the ugly. 

We don't want you to have to compromise so, to maintain the interior designer-finished look throughout your home, we created this list of sneaky ways to conceal the less appealing parts of your property. No room is safe—everywhere from your bedroom to your living room is being given the magic treatment here—so the only question is, how many ugly items do you need to hide?

1. Tuck hideous old pans and trays out of sight

At the back of a handy corner cupboard in your kitchen.

2. Hide all your wiring

For anything from cookers to televisions, behind a stud wall.

3. Hide ugly curtain rods behind a fancy cornice

That will take seconds to install with a construction adhesive!

4. Hide damaged walls behind large prints and wall art

Just don't forget to fix them if you're renting!

5. Hide ugly toilet wiring and plumbing

With a boxed-in cistern design.

6. Use pretty storage boxes to hide away clutter

They'll look better than a mess!

7. Re-cover old shoddy chairs

Using new fabric and a staple gun.

8. Hide ugly radiators

Behind pretty pieces of furniture.

9. Or contain them in a specially-made cover!

So much better, right?

10. Cover less than perfect floorboards

With a large eye-catching rug.

11. Hide uneven walls

Behind a fun blackboard!

12. Hide a scratched old table

By keeping pretty place settings laid.

13. Conceal an ugly but immovable meter

Inside a new built-in shoe cupboard… handy!

14. Tuck unsightly bins out of sight

In the cupboard under your sink.

15. Spray paint old-fashioned built-in cupboards

Go for a more contemporary colour.

16. Disguise plastic windows

By mimicking heritage façade touches.

17. Hide your bathroom toiletries and shower essentials out of sight

Chesterfield Bathroom Remodeling Botico Colonial style bathroom

By building sneaky inset shelves.

18. Have a huge headboard

Scandustrial Theme homify Industrial style bedroom

And hide your untidy wardrobe behind it!

19. Paint blank concrete walls in your garden

To make them look more awesome and less awful.

20. Make a feature of ugly visible light cords

homify Modern kitchen

By swapping them out for pretty, colourful versions.

For more easy ways to make improve your home, take a look at this Ideabook: 19 small underrated things that make your home nicer.

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