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Bed decoration ideas for better sleep

Amy Buxton Amy Buxton
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Hopefully you don't believe your bed doesn't have to be anything special because all you do is sleep in it, do you? Well, apart from the fact that's not all you do, we think you should take some time to make your sleeping area something out of the ordinary. 

Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you the amount of time you actually spend in your bed equates to more hours than you spend in any other space in your home, so you should give it even more attention than say, your kitchen.

If you're still doubting us, how about joining us now as we take a look at some great tips for making your bed one of a kind, gorgeous and so welcoming you'll run the risk of never getting up for work again!

1. Install soft, wall-mounted lighting

That emphasises stunning bed linen.

2. A truly eye-catching headboard never goes amiss

3. Nor does a wonderful wall mural for that matter

4. Earth toned bed linen will make it look warm and cosy

Even in a neutral room.

5. Surround the bed with plants

For a fresh feel and a natural touch.

6. Add scatter cushions

For some extra texture.

7. Hang stunning, collectible art above it

Show off your good taste!

8. Add some handy storage to the foot of it

Perhaps with a gorgeous ottoman?

9. Play with fun, contrasting colours

Bed linen offers an easy and changeable method.

10. Ditch the side tables

And opt for overhead pendulum lights.

11. Master a little monochrome

For a classic look.

12. Play with blue hues

For a calming, nautical scheme.

13. Take your bed super low

For some Eastern influence.

14. A large wall decal

Will negate the need for any headboard at all.

15. Create a gallery of black and white photographs above the headboard

Oh so chic!

16. Add ultra luxurious bed linen

This contrasts especially well on a rustic bed.

17. Choose a duvet a size larger than you need

For extra snuggle potential!

18. Add some colour pops

To brighten the rest of your bedroom.

19. Quilted bedding

Raises the high-end factor exponentially.

20. Add a mattress topper to your bed

For a super comfortable night's sleep.

21. Add extra cushions and pillows

The more, the better!

22. Add a rug under the bed

No more cold feet in the morning.

If we've lit a bedroom revamp fire under you, head on over to this Ideabook: 5 legendary bedroom transformations.

Which of these ideas do you see yourself trying?
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