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8 essential tips to help sell your house

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Regardless of how strong or buoyant the housing market is, sellers will always be keen to maximise the potential for a high sale price, especially if they can do so by putting minimum investment into the house itself.

Selling your home can be a long process and we know that totally transforming your home in order to find a buyer is not a practical option for everyone, especially those of you with families or smaller budgets, so we have compiled a list of suggestions for you to pick and choose from. From a wall colour refresh through to a pared back style, there will be something that you can take on board to give yourself the best chance of selling, so let's take a look.

Declutter spaces

Everybody knows that a home will naturally accumulate a huge amount of clutter, lots of personal possessions and certain traditions, such as putting the letters on the kitchen worktop or leaving shoes by the front door. When selling your home, however, you need to rectify these issues and present a clean, bright and uncluttered house.

This kitchen is a perfect example of how we think your spaces should look. It still has personality and hasn't been made too sparse but, at the same time, surfaces are clear, everything is clean and the room, as a whole, looks lovely. Had there been dirty dishes in the sink, we doubt we would have liked it so much!

Use neutral wall colours

If you have lived in your house for a number of years, you have no doubt personalised it to your own tastes and embraced your own take on interior design, but this may actually be a hindrance to selling your home. We're not saying that your styling isn't fabulous, just that neutral tones have been shown to contribute to a substantially higher sale success rate!

Neutral wall colours, such as the one seen here from Rosalind Wilson, are not so much guaranteed to appeal to more people, as much as they are a visual blank canvas, allowing potential buyers to imagine their own choices of wall coverings and accessories. Remember, you want to sell your home, not your design services, so don't be offended and reach for the cream paint!

Replace damaged floors

FSC Handfinished engineered Oak planks: scandinavian  by Woodenfloors.uk.com, Scandinavian

FSC Handfinished engineered Oak planks


Nothing will stop a sale in its tracks like broken or unkempt floors that draw attention to themselves during a viewing! We're talking about broken floorboards, frayed carpet and torn linoleum here, all of which will instantly devalue your property and even prevent you from selling your home.

Take the time to identify any areas of flooring that could do with a freshen up and get to it! Even if you replace a floor with a value option, if it is new, clean and fitted well, it will still look better than the old damaged example. Though house buyers are always keen to put their own stamp on a new property, they generally want to be able to move straight in, so making that possible could clinch you a sale.

Think about lighting

Your lighting needs to be bright and beautiful when selling your home, as people need to see every facet of it and enjoy a warm, inviting feeling while they look around. Dark or dismal lighting will only seek to make your home feel smaller and less appealing, but don't go buying a chandelier just yet!

Make sure every light has a working, bright bulb in it. This may sound simple, but by swapping out your bulbs for something a tiny bit brighter, you will give your home a 'show house' feel and automatically appeal to more viewers. A great budget option for sprucing your home, remember that it really is all about the little details.

Repair broken items

Atticus Sofa: modern  by Loaf, Modern

Atticus Sofa


You don't have to be a whizz with a sewing machine or a master welder to perform basic repairs around your house, but when you're selling your home, you will want to look for any tatty items that could use some help.

For sofas that have rips and tears, we suggest either flipping the cushions or adding strategic rugs and cushions, just to present an impression of high end tastes and careful stewardship. Similarly, with broken ornaments, get the super glue out and get crafty! For things that are beyond repair but hold sentimental attachment, we recommend that you pack them away, out of sight, so they don't hurt your chances of a sale, or get damaged further in the process.

Scale back your belongings

Of course, anyone visiting your house as a potential buyer will want to be able to picture it in use, but that doesn't mean that they need to see every last nuance of your personality in there! It sounds almost mean, but removing a large proportion of your personal items will actually help with selling your home!

New buyers are keen to picture their own belongings in a home, not yours and if you have a strong personality or design ethos, that can be extremely difficult. We're not saying that you have to get rid of everything, far from it, but aim to present nicely laid out, spacious rooms that offer potential, rather than prescriptive ideas!

Add some plants

dip glazed planters: minimalist  by Fate London, Minimalist
Fate London

dip glazed planters

Fate London

With personal items scaled back in your house, one thing that we think you should actually add is some plants. We haven't gone crazy, we just know that some well placed greenery helps to make your property feel more homely, but in an uncluttered way.

Small additions on mantlepieces are a great way to go, but if you don't have them, coffee tables, shelves and window sills are all wonderful hosts for some stylish house plants too. When selling your home could be as easy as buying a few pot plants, we think you'll be heading to your nearest garden centre!

Tidy the garage

This is such an overlooked aspect of a house that if you take the time to actually tidy and clear out your garage, your home will stand out in people's minds. In a good way!

Selling your home relies on you presenting something beautiful, homely and functional, to the right people and in such a way that they leave thinking about what colours they would paint the walls. A messy garage, though a common element of a family home, will disrupt interior design daydreaming with images of clutter, work and effort. We know you don't want to have to tidy it, but it's going to happen when you sell up and move anyway, so roll up your sleeves and get sorting!

For more house selling inspiration take a look at this Ideabook: 10 Must Read Tips For Selling a House.

Have you got any top tips for selling your home? Let us know in the comments, below.
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