​8 kitchen makeovers that prove there's hope for 2016!

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2016 definitely saw its fair share of makeover mishaps – certain projects that just didn’t hit the stylish mark as required. But every dark cloud… yes, thankfully we also have some renovations to boast about, especially when it comes to the most used room in the entire house: the kitchen.

That space where we enjoy morning coffee and evening supper, where we lose ourselves in paperwork and also catch up on quality time with friends and family – the kitchen plays host to so many activities, which is why a decently styled (and functional) area is crucial.

These 8 kitchens all lacked beauty and practicality, which is why they opted for some makeover magic; and luckily these ones are brag-worthy…

1. Before: Outdated patterns

The patterns and worn-out colours of this space made this already-small kitchen look even tinier.

1. After: Chic new tones

This neutral palette is much more becoming of a small kitchen, adding both visual space and style to this culinary corner. 

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2. Before: Cluttered and narrow

This narrow area seems even smaller due to the multiple accessories and inconsistent tones. No wonder a makeover was voted for.

2. After: Sleek and spacious

Even though the actual kitchen space was not changed, the new décor touches make all the difference in the world. 

White and bright is the new theme of this design, contrasting effectively with the charcoal tones and adding a sleek new “look at me” vibe for us to focus on.

3. Before: Help needed

Even though this ‘before’ space had potential, the cabinetry and finishes kept it from looking like a trendy and modern area.

3. After: So much modern charm

This fabulous makeover included even the floor, treating the new culinary space to some warm timber surfaces. The crisp-white cabinets with metal hardware ensure a traditional touch that is also quite contemporary.

4. Before: Too much brown

These dark tones only shrink the space and make it look ugly. Some modern beauty is required here!

4. After: Light new colours

After changing everything from the tones to the cabinetry, this kitchen looks much bigger and more welcoming. Notice the abundance of visual space now that the appliances have been hidden away.

5. Before: A renovation in progress

This space flaunts so much potential for a culinary spot, but will the end results be as amazing as we’re hoping?

5. After: So worth the effort!

Indeed! This Hamptons-style look with the marble counter and butler sink will make anybody want to try their hand at cooking.

And kudos to the designers for the fresh touches of potted indoor plants on the windowsill.

6. Before: The 70s disaster

The clashing colours and outdated materials make this kitchen look like a room that was left behind in the 1970s while the rest of the world moved on.

6. After: A contemporary cutie

Now this is more like it: a kitchen makeover that results in a brighter space, more appealing cabinets, and clever storage areas, which gets out vote of approval any day of the week.

7. Before: The bland basics

This little culinary corner presents potential (a cute little dining spot); alas, the look is not what we’d imagine when thinking about modern and functional kitchen spaces. 

Bland materials, a cramped layout, and an overall sad appearance – that lighting doesn’t work at all.

7. After: Pastel perfection

A soft coating of pastel for the walls, a new dining set, and a complete redo of the cabinetry, and this kitchen area, although not bigger, looks so much more alluring and inviting.

8. Before: Too much clutter

Even though the clutter is the main culprit here, we can’t deny that a modern look is also crucially overlooked. 

The layout here is quaint and open, but does waste a lot of space thanks to the dining table.

8. After: Spacious and so stylish

A magical transformation indeed. The new stone floor lifts the space, while the absence of cluttered wall shelves help to make the kitchen feel so much more open. 

And we just love the new island, complete with breakfast bar, which frees up so much floor space.

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Which of these kitchen makeovers most inspired you?

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