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19 valuable things you (might) have in your attic

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Do you ever sit and watch programmes on television where people sell things they've found in their homes that turn out to be worth a small fortune? We do and it makes us want to get up in the rafters and have a good poke around! We can only imagine what home movers have come across before.

If you'd love to stumble on some lost treasure but wonder if you'd know what you were looking at, we're here to help with our easy peasy guide to attic antiques. 

You never know, granny's old lamp that you already have in your living room might be worth a bomb, so take a look at our shortlist of valuables and get treasure hunting! 

1. Vintage computers

Geeks love a piece of computing history and the older and more rubbish, the better! 

Now, where's that Amiga we had?

2. Valuable musical instruments

You never know where the next Stradivarius will turn up

3. Old perfume bottles

Some of the cut glass versions are very valuable now and look stunning.

4. Land deeds

Just imagine finding out you have the paperwork for a plot of land that's worth a fortune!

5. An original Barbie

It's time to see if your parents ever kept their old toys, as the first Barbie's are worth a huge amount.

6. Costume jewellery

Chequers Road Pride Road
Pride Road

Chequers Road

Pride Road

What looks like junk to you could literally be treasure as some costume jewellery is now very collectible.

7. First edition books

Loft Conversion in Queens Park, London City Lofts London
City Lofts London

Loft Conversion in Queens Park, London

City Lofts London

Dotted amongst old childhood tomes you loved might be some valuable first pressings, so get checking those dates.

8. Old paintings

Always have a quick check of paintings as you clear your space for a conversion because some might be worth a pretty penny.

9. Old pens

You don't know when you'll stumble upon the quill Shakespeare used to write all his work!

10. Old lamp bases

If you dig about and find any old lamp bases, look them up as they could be worth a fortune. Vintage lamps are very collectible these days.

11. Vintage postcards

Hugely collectible and beautiful to boot, you might be able to charge a decent price for any you find.

11. Christmas decorations

Vintage glass baubles and the like reach very good prices on auction sites and are really sought after. Your attic might become a modern bathroom, but if it was a decoration store you could be in luck!

12. Vintage vacuum cleaners

A perfect loft conversion to hide away! homify Modern style bedroom

A perfect loft conversion to hide away!


You'll be shocked at how much these are worth! If you find nothing in your attic, it might be worth a trip to your parents.

13. Autographed books

Some will naturally be worth considerably more than others, so be selective about which you try to sell.

14. Signed music

Does that signature say Paul McCartney? Quick, have that sheet music valued!

16. Chippendale furniture

Before you start shabby chic-ing anything, make sure it's not an original Chippendale, which are worth a huge amount.

17. Old prints

Not usually as valuable as paintings, prints still have an appeal for the right audience and can fetch high prices.

18. Old silverware

Hiding behind the old plasterboard might be some valuable silverware, so keep your eyes peeled as you renovate.

19. Vintage steamer trunks

If you're really lucky, you'll find a vintage Vuitton but even unbranded trunks are worth a decent amount to a collector.

Might your attic hold a fortune inside it? Be sure to check before taking on a loft conversion, like this one: The roof raising loft conversion.

Have you ever found something valuable in your attic?

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