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Incredible kitchens smaller than 12 m²

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Pity the poor fool who still believes that the kitchen is for cooking and cleaning and nothing more – what a sad and drab life they must lead.

But enough of that, for here on homify we only tend to focus on the positive, and even though today’s kitchen layouts are all what you would call “modest in size” (the fancy term for “very very small”), they pack a big positive punch in terms of both style and practicality.

So don’t be concerned if your kitchen back home is on the small side, because these six examples (all way under 12 m²) are going to give you some tips regarding storage- and display areas to achieve not only a beautiful look, but also a smart one!

1. A clever corner

A small space means big thinking, for both style and functionality. And who could have thought that jutting out a cabinet corner as shown in our example above would have worked out so splendidly?

This adds some extra counter space (and cabinet storage) for that hard-working chef, or presents more display surface for those kitchen décor pieces, like a vase with fresh-cut flowers.

2. Delightful details

Just because that space is small doesn’t mean it has to be hideous. On the contrary, a smaller area can be easier to style up, as you don’t need to add too much to it. 

This patterned floor definitely becomes the focal point of this U-shaped kitchen, immediately drawing our attention away from the limited size. 

But of course, we can’t overlook the splendid monochrome look of the surrounding cabinetry.

3. Less is sooo much more

When it comes to decorating small spaces, the minimalist style can be quite ideal, seeing as it allows us to use clean lines and simple forms to achieve exquisite results. 

Just look at this fantastic example above: although definitely modest in size, this kitchen looks oh-so chic and alluring due to its soft tones and clean look.

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4. Perfect for socialising

Don’t think that just because your kitchen is tiny you can’t join in on the conversation happening in the living room. This half-wall option above ensures you won’t miss a beat of that hot-and-happening gossip going on in the adjoining room.

Our favourite touches in here: it’s a tie between that funky focal backsplash and the dangling kitchen lighting, which adds some industrial charm.

5. Hide and seek

Less space means more of a chance of that area looking cluttered. So, our advice is to hide as much away as possible – and yes, it is possible to hide away big appliances as shown above.

That patterned piece of wall design on the right? That’s a sliding door behind which the bigger pieces are hidden, like the fridge and oven. 

Clever, don’t you agree?

6. Clever and compact

Who would have thought that a kitchen, with all its required equipment and accessories, could fit into a layout that barely exceeds 6 m²? This design definitely knows how to make optimum use of space (or rather a lack of it) by using every available surface for storage opportunities. 

Know what else needs to be mentioned here? The sliding glass doors, which take up way less space than swinging ones. Sometimes the clever ideas are right in front of you…  

In keeping with that neat and clean look for your home, we thought it wise to share with you these: Crafty kitchen storage solutions.

Which ideas might you try in your own small kitchen?

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