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When we think of shipping containers most of us instantly picture a big metal box filled with different goods, such as cars, electronics and other common items being transported via sea all over the world. However, there are some people out there who look at these shipping containers and see something different—the potential for a home. 

The concept of living in a shipping container doesn't sound very appealing to most of us but as you’ll soon find out, these container homes offer just as much comfort and desirability as the ordinary home made from bricks and mortar. It’s a housing trend that is gaining momentum around the world with many embracing the idea of living in these alternative homes.

Today on homify we are focusing on the container home trend from a Korean perspective—a country that’s at the forefront of container home design. So get ready to think outside the box! 

Stack 'em up

Let's get started with an amazing example of a container home. This building was formed by a number of containers that have been organised by different stacking methods. Most join vertically or horizontally but some fit together at a sloped angle. Despite looking as if part of the home could slide away, we can assure you that this home is incredibly solidly and is connected via steel joints and concrete. 

This example shows the great freedom that those building a container home are able to enjoy. They can fully customise their design to create something that's completely unique to their own taste.

One of the companies helping people achieve the possibilities are the experts from Thinktree Architecture & Partners, who are true pioneers of the industry in Korea and were responsible for the project pictured. 

Just how easy is it?

Who could have imagined a few decades ago that people were building their dream homes inside shipping containers? Not many! But there's a growing awareness about the benefits regarding container homes. Firstly, container homes can be built significantly cheaper than conventional builds, saving people thousands of pounds.

The speed of the process also makes these homes desirable since they can be prefabricated off-site and then easily placed into position via crane. Sustainability is also a major benefit of these types of homes, with environmental and town planning experts considering them a perfect eco-friendly solution for addressing housing shortages. 

Customise an empty shell

It's true that shipping containers are made from incredibly strong steel but that doesn't mean you're restricted to living in a home with no windows or openings. The steel can be cut and removed in a variety of methods and still retain its structural integrity.

Here we can see a container that's had openings cut out of the two opposite sides and replaced with green-tinted glazing. This glazing can be opened up to connect the outdoor spaces via sliding doors. As a result, the internal setting in this living room looks and feels incredibly bright and open. Movement is also made easy for those wishing to venture from the different areas. 

An eclectic style décor is a fitting design style for this type of home, resulting in a home that's filled with exciting pieces of furniture and art that's sourced from a wide range of styles. The mix of colours and textures is really refreshing and breathes life into a structure that could have felt so cold an uninviting.

Working the angles to great effect

Here's one of the more extraordinary designs we've come across on homify. The container have been stacked via angles, giving the home a look that's completely unique. The design appears to play tricks with the mind, with windows and ceiling lines appearing at angles that are completely out of the ordinary.

But don't let the design of the home fool you: this is a fully functioning home that has everything needed to live comfortably, such as electrical circuits, heating system, insulation and even soundproofing. 

Standing tall

In this example the containers have been stacked vertically on four different floors. The architects have created a compact home for streamlined living where each of the levels serve a specific purpose or function. Just take a moment to enjoy the views that the lucky owners can experience every day from their living room.  

What does the future hold?

With the cost of housing always on the rise we're seeing many people of all age groups and demographics embracing container homes as a genuine housing option. More people are willing to accept this type of housing in a property market that is increasingly difficult to be a part of. Young couples view them as a cheaper option to purchase their first home and enter the property market, while the older generation see them as the perfect way of downsizing to something more manageable. 

What's so exciting about the shipping container home trend is that it's only just getting started. Momentum is building globally and soon enough we might be seeing these types of homes appearing everywhere—and it's not just limited to houses. Shipping containers are already being used for offices, schools, art studios and retail spaces around the world. 

Find out more about alternative homes by checking out: The Ultra Modern Bungalow.

Do you think this is a passing housing trend? Would you consider living in a container home? Let us know your thoughts!

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