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14 simple ways you can have an ultra-modern kitchen

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The rustic style is not for everyone, and not all of us can learn to love the Scandinavian look. But modern design, on the other hand, takes up the majority of interior spaces worldwide, sometimes even without homeowners and inhabitants who aren’t clued up on interior styles knowing about it. Sneaky move, interior designers

When it comes to the modern design style, a clean look that refrains from using overly embellished surfaces is key. So are neutral and natural tones, as well as an asymmetrical balance between furniture and layout. All of this is done in order to add visual spaciousness to the layout.

Which brings us to today’s piece: the vital design touches you need to implement to make your kitchen flaunt the modern look (if that’s your thing – but why wouldn’t it be?).

Here’s how…

1. Remember the functionality factor

In addition to being beautiful, a modern kitchen needs to be functional. Beauty and brains! And your choice of appliances plays a key role in determining your kitchen’s functionality factor – choose them well.

2. Focus on details

Tiny details – whether it’s a backsplash or the colour of a tile – can make a huge impact on a space. Just avoid excessive accessories and overly decorated spaces, and you’ll be fine.

3. Have sufficient storage

Teddington Kitchen Extension A1 Lofts and Extensions Modern wine cellar
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Teddington Kitchen Extension

A1 Lofts and Extensions

The cluttered look will never be in fashion, and that is why you need to commit to pantries, drawers, and cabinets to help you store a multitude of kitchen accessories and necessities.

4. If all white is your thing…

No need to resort to vibrant colours if that’s not your thing; this kitchen looks so scrumptious, so clean, and oh-so modern decked out in its white colour palette.

5. Lighting is important

Don’t opt for just any kitchen lighting fixtures. Go with ones that will contribute to your kitchen’s modern style, and perhaps even steal the show, as with this kitchen space above.

6. If it’s an outdoor space…

Outdoor living PAD ARCHITECTS Modern balcony, veranda & terrace

Outdoor living


Just because your kitchen opens up onto a terrace (or is situated on one) doesn’t excuse you from having to commit to functionality and style. 

The same rules still apply!

7. Clever colours

Vibrant and Modern Kitchen Extension Redesign Modern kitchen Blue

Vibrant and Modern Kitchen Extension


Even though neutrals are very popular with the modern style, you can still bring in some vibrant tones or soft pastels for some eye-catching effect. 

Look at this backsplash and island counter above, and how delicious that arctic blue looks.

8. Your own island

If you have the space and your layout allows for it, we firmly recommend a kitchen island. It helps with storage, food prepping, dining, plus is another excuse to flaunt the modern style via colours and materials.

9. What about a vintage touch?

No need to resort to an old-school look if you want your modern kitchen to have a vintage touch. Offset those retro counters with contemporary elements, like steel knobs and pulls; and don’t forget the ultra-modern lighting fixtures.

10. Brightness galore

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way AR Design Studio Modern kitchen
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- Abbots Way

AR Design Studio

Whether it’s super white cabinetry or wide windows, don’t let your modern kitchen drown in shadows and gloom. A bright area is part of the visual spaciousness you’re aiming for.

11. A linear design

The Dormy - Kitchen/Breakfast Room Jigsaw Interior Architecture KitchenAccessories & textiles
Jigsaw Interior Architecture

The Dormy—Kitchen/Breakfast Room

Jigsaw Interior Architecture

A clean lined design is one of the main foundations that the modern style is built upon. Thus, flaunt those horizontal- and vertical lines of your cabinets, walls, furniture, and décor items.

12. Comfort is key

What good is a beautiful modern kitchen that can’t be enjoyed properly? We recommend comfortable seating, as well as adequate space for dining and socialising.

13. Your choice of furnishings

By all means opt for furniture of the classic or rustic kind if you want a bit of contrast – as long as the overall design scheme of your kitchen is modern (like the cabinetry, appliances, tones, etc.), the main space will still flaunt a contemporary look.

14. Spacing issues

concrete worktops homify Minimalist kitchen

concrete worktops


Fortunately you do not need a huge layout to enjoy a modern kitchen. This rather small kitchen above is so clever with its furniture, décor and colours, which still results in an ultra-modern kitchen at the end of the day.

This would be a rather appropriate time to talk about: Incredible kitchens smaller than 12 m².

What are your thoughts on modern kitchen design?

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