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Never-Do mistakes for a better home

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Living in a city or town with limited space can be a challenge, and much more so when your residence is also a bit on the small side. As the majority of floor plans seem to be shrinking these days, it's up to clever planning and creative designing to come up with new ways in which you can still enjoy a beautiful and functional home.

But no need to ask Google for help, as we are way ahead of you! We’ve searched high and low and have come up with seven crucial mistakes that most of us are guilty of when it comes to living in cramped and cluttered spaces.

So, scroll ahead and see which ones you are guilt of and, more importantly, how to avoid them from now on…

1. A cluttered space

We understand that you want to showcase your assortment of travel memorabilia, unique keepsakes, vintage collections, etc. But it’s when we try and stuff too many elements into a space that things become cluttered, whether it’s the kitchen shelves, entryway table, or the bathroom countertop. 

First of all, get rid of things you no longer need (either by donating or throwing them out). After that, if you still don’t have enough space, consider additional storage possibilities with more cupboards, closets, extra shelves, etc.

2. Poorly organised furniture

Sometimes a home just feels cluttered simply because of the furniture- and décor layout. Then it’s simply a matter of re-arranging a few elements, like those sofas, side tables, and even wall art (yes, a wall can also add to a cluttered space). 

Do this by roughly sketching a simpler layout for the room, thinking about how you can best utilise the available space. Once you’re happy with the new layout, start moving those furniture pieces to their new spots.

3. Inadequate lighting

It may come as a surprise, but your choice in wall sconces could also be contributing to your cluttered home!

A dark space will feel more oppressive and small, which means you need to rethink those lighting fixtures. Rather make sure that every corner of your home is well illuminated (not brightly glared up) and you'll definitely enjoy a house that feels more expansive.

And remember the magic words: layered lighting.

4. Atrocious colour schemes

Going hand in hand with our previous tip, your choice of colours also needs to contribute to a light and bright interior. Be careful when picking dark tones for spaces, especially small ones, as they may very well look sophisticated and sleek, but can also suck the light out of your home. 

Our advice would be to opt for a light or neutral home furnishing colour scheme, and then add in bits and bobs of darker tones if you really must (such as a dark backsplash in the kitchen, dark scatter cushions for your bedroom, etc.). 

See how the experts achieve that fantastic look by viewing our extensive range of professional interior designers here on homify.

5. An impractical use of space

If you have an office or workspace at home, you know the commitment it takes to keeping that room neat and tidy. A desk filled with papers and notes can definitely take the whole room down with it. 

A workspace should be as sparse and simple as possible to create floor space and give you plenty of room to move around. We recommend shelving units to limit the need for excess storage compartments, as they take up no floor space. 

Otherwise opt for pieces with ample storage options, like high bookcases.

6. Not using multifunctional furniture

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS Schmidt Palmers Green Scandinavian style kitchen
Schmidt Palmers Green

NEW! 2015 Kitchen: PORTLAND + ARCOS

Schmidt Palmers Green

One of the best things you can do in a small and cluttered space is to limit the number of furniture. And here is where double-duty pieces come in. 

Think of items like built-in cutting boards in cabinetry (like shown above), ottomans that function as both storage- and seating areas, sofas that extend into beds, etc.

7. Big and bulky pieces

This might hurt a little, but perhaps you need to think twice about that giant cabinet your grandmother bought 50 years ago. While we are big fans of antique furniture, nobody can deny that they tend to look rather bulky when compared to today’s more slim-styled pieces.

Thus, if space is an issue at home, rather consider smaller and more lightweight furniture that fits into a room without dominating it. Or you could bring in smaller pieces to offset with that big giant cabinet, like a slim coffee table or couch. 

To get you into slim-furniture thinking, take a look at some: Hot hot hot minimalist kitchen trends.

How else can we minimise cramped living spaces?

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