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The spring clean: tips to refresh your domestic space

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Summer is for sun and good times; winter is for huddling up and staying cosy; autumn is for leaping around in piles of leaves—so what’s spring good for? The annual spring clean of course! When winter’s crisp chill has finally left town and the beginnings rays of the gentle sun pour down from the heavens, there’s only one thing to do—get cleansing. You’ll no doubt have accumulated more than your fill of clutter and miscellany over the chilly festive season and Jan-Feb lull. As the old saying goes: ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’, but sometimes, it’s hard to know where to begin—or even what needs doing in the first place (hopefully you’re not that snowed under with mess).

Take a few salient pointers from the masters here at Homify—the best tips on how to refresh your domestic spaces this spring, and turn your winter haven into a vibrant, glorious, airy fresh abode.

Clear up your corridor and entry hall

The entry hall or foyer is the first place your visitors will enter, so it makes practical sense to ensure this area of your dwelling is clean and functional. If you have a family or friends visit your home, you will know that during winter, coats, boots and all manner of accessories fill the entry halls and corridors, cluttering them and creating an unsightly mess. Purchase some storage equipment, such as a hat/coat rack, that will ensure the space stays free from this clutter and remains an easily accessible entry point to your home.

Consider your storage options

Clanricarde Gardens Ardesia Design Modern living room
Ardesia Design

Clanricarde Gardens

Ardesia Design

One of the most important things to consider when you are cleaning your home and readying it for the new spring season, is space. Often we have good intentions when it comes to cleaning out our clutter, but due to a lack of storage space, our belongings quickly find themselves back in inconvenient places and causing chaos, undoing all of our good work. Fix that problem by installing a new storage system into your living space. Joinery can be professionally installed easily and quickly, and will provide ample space for all of your ornamentation, papers, books and everything else that tends to create untidiness and disarray. This example shows a wonderfully stylish bookshelf/storage wall unit that not only looks superb, but creates an area for all of those bit-and-bobs that might otherwise produce clutter.

Fix up those kitchen drawers

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The kitchen is one space within the home that tends to get extremely messy and jumbled, especially over the winter. When you prepare for your big spring clean, consider some drawer units that separate the contents and allow an organised space for your cutlery, utensils and even spices. This example illustrates how the drawer can be kept tidy and clutter free with a smart organisation system in place.

Make the most of your outside entertaining area

If you have an entertaining area that has become disorderly, dreary and unusable over the winter months, now is the time to refresh your space and ensure it is ready for those festive spring evenings. Look at the furniture you currently own, if it is timber, try recoating it with some oil or varnish. If you have aluminium or iron pieces, brush the cobwebs away and consider some new seat cushions or fresh linens. Finally give the entire outside area a good clean, start with the walls and windows and finish with the tiles or flooring. You will have a space that feels fresh and clean, ready to entertain in the coming warmer months.

Get that bathroom spick and span

After the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the space that suffers the most from untidiness and clutter. Clear out all of those unused creams, messy hair elastics, and invest in some storage boxes where you can safely organise all of your items and keep your wash space uncluttered and clean. This example illustrates the benefits of a couple of wicker storage boxes and how they can provide a space for all of the unsightly bathroom appurtenances we do not want in full view.

Consider wall hooks

Wall hooks can add much needed storage space for bedrooms, living spaces and hallways. Furthermore, they also act as a fashionable and stylish way to store commonly used items such as necklaces, electronics, scarves and hats.

Finally clear out that medicine cabinet

Almost everybody is guilty of filling up their medicine cabinet with unneeded creams, ointments, remedies and more. Time to get rid of those expired pills, lotions and half empty bags of bath salts, clean up your cabinets and clear out your mind. Get your space ready for a new season, and throw away anything that hasn’t been used over the last season, and watch your space go from cluttered and full to light and functional.

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