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A home for a family with great taste

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Bau-Fritz GmbH & Co. KG Modern houses
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By using state-of-the-art building techniques and the most efficient renewable energy sources available, Bau-Fritz have developed one of this year's most advanced eco-homes. 

But before we delve into any of the nitty-gritty details, we want to first allude towards the superb minimalist-inspired architecture that gives this home its own unique identity. The architects opted to cover the entire exterior form with only timber panels and huge sheets of transparent glass. It was a bold move, which paid off in spades. 

Matching the exterior in boldness, there are plenty of strong design statements that can be discovered within. These bold touches play-off one another to create a dynamic living space unlike any other. 

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A higher standard

This modern and nature-focused family home provides a fabulous gathering and living space for a modern family. Undeniably minimalist, the exterior façade expresses itself as a dynamic formation of timber and glass, which makes you want to know what’s going on inside.

With thanks to a natural material palette and sensitive built-form, this new arrival was designed to have minimal impact upon the site and neighbouring properties. 

Hidden benefits revealed

The indoor/outdoor terrace makes for a perfect place to spend time. Here, as with the rest of the build, the timber is a major feature and looks amazing from our perspective. 

The exterior walls have a thickness of 37 cm, resulting in an excellent insulation for the interior settings. Adding further to this insulation is the smart choice of glass, which boasts the highest standard of insulation available for domestic builds.  

Space to grow

Beyond the main building, the surrounding garden is filled with wonderful things that contribute towards this family's enviable living situation. 

A sprawling lawn makes for a fun and natural playground for both the adults and children of the household to enjoy. There's a sunny spot designated as a vegetable patch where plenty of ready-to-eat produce is grown all year round.

Tall, mature trees provide a natural border for the family's property on three sides, while a small fresh water lake is found at the foot of the garden, allowing for further water-based fun. 

A natural composition of timber and rock

The front entrance may be narrow in form but it's as visually power packed as the rest of the property. In a slight departure from what we've seen before, the landscaping takes on an uncomplicated composition that reminds us of an Oriental style. 

The interplay between the altering pebbles and stone paving makes for an engaging point of entrance that's bound to thrill those visiting for the first time. 

Life by the lake

Internally, the house expresses itself as an open, light-filled environment that takes the very best aspects from modern home design

Natural light streams into the room from the giant picture windows placed on either side of the partisan, illuminating every nook and cranny. Polished timber floorboards help to spread the light deeper into the open plan. 

It seems obvious after witnessing the lake views why the architects opted to include the full-height glass windows and doors. Access to the timber deck is made easy thanks to the sliding doors, which can be slid fully across and out of sight. 

Broader thinking

The selected furniture and in-built elements possess a certain cubic shape that stand out. The ultra-modern fireplace seen in the foreground is the main focus of our attention with its glass casing.

Overall, the entire technical design of the house achieved a reduction of 40 tons of CO2 compared to the average build, making for a quality contribution to a better environment!

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