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Keeping up with the times: industrial homes

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Industrial style homes have been a huge fashion trend in recent years and don't look like disappearing any time soon. From London restaurants to cafés in the heart of Berlin, industrial design has made a huge impact on designers across the world. These sparse spaces aren't difficult to shape either, making them an easy theme to work within your home. So how to achieve the industrial look in your own personal space? 

There are many factors that influence the industrial home. A key feature is the exposed brick wall. In fact, industrial is based around exposed features/materials in general, from exposed brick, bulbs and wiring to roughly sanded wood. This clean cut yet rugged way of designing your home gives the industrial aesthetic its heart.

Here are a few ideas to get your industrial inspiration kick started! 

Bench dining

Brilliant Bethnal Green Propia Industrial style dining room

Brilliant Bethnal Green


A popular feature in industrial cafés and restaurants has been to have wooden benches at either side of the tables rather than individual chairs. This is something easy to replicate in the home.

As you can see in this example, there are benches small enough to fit comfortably into a personal space. Aside from making sure the benches fit well, try to find a matching or similar table as matching wood and tones enforce a sense of uniformity in the room. Another wonderful thing about using benches in your space is the sense of community they bring to the dinner table. There's something incredibly homely and comfortable about having your friends and family gathered along two benches, easily squeezing closer together to create room for each other. 

Exposed lighting

Exposed bulbs are another key feature of industrial design. This simply means the bulbs goes unshaded; there's no lamb shielding it's shine. You no longer have to worry about picking out the lampshade that will best go with your curtains because you can simply forego one instead!

Exposed bulbs continue with the theme of rugged city living, with chic design being tattered around the edges. Of course it's a really easy way to add a little character to your home as you simply leave the bulbs hanging! Longer wires often work much better than short ones and multiple lights often look better than one. Having a host of exposed bulbs can work really beautifully, collecting together across the ceiling of the room in one bright burst of light.

Vivacious brick

Exposed brick is the absolute key feature of industrial design. Having this material featured in the décor of your home is a sure way of giving the space an industrial vibe. Entirely versatile, exposed brick walls can be great features if you aren't keen on them surrounding you on all four sides. In fact, one exposed brick wall can sometimes be most effective, offering a strong focal point. Exposed brick walls are the kind of feature that you can design the whole look of your room around.

Concrete flooring

Open-plan kitchen and dining area ArchitectureLIVE

Open-plan kitchen and dining area


Concrete floors may not be the first thing you had in mind when designing your home but in an industrial home they really help create the atmosphere you're striving for. Contrasting beautifully with brown brick walls, catching reflection in the light in the evenings.

Not the best flooring for all rooms: in the bedroom, for example, as they can be cold. Kitchens are a great place to have this feature as they heats up quickly, super hard wearing and easy to keep clean as they can be swept, vacuumed or mopped.

Visible wiring

Exposed wiring is another easy way to bring the industrial vibe into your home. Long, black wiring draped across a ceiling, or indeed simply hanging straight down, has been a popular feature in both cafés and restaurants over the past few years and it can work in your home too!

A simple and elegant design feature than can be achieved in almost any setting, depending on whether you choose to have a more elaborate design (as in the above image) or a more simple, straight hanging wire. Whichever way you choose, it's advisable to have multiple wires to give the room a more eclectic look rather than simply looking unfinished.

Minimum accessories

Industrial Hall Stand - Reclaimed Wooden Drawer Unit with Coat Hanging Rail Above - Bespoke Urban Hallway, Foyer Furniture or Shop Fittings by homify BedroomWardrobes & closets

Industrial Hall Stand—Reclaimed Wooden Drawer Unit with Coat Hanging Rail Above—Bespoke Urban Hallway, Foyer Furniture or Shop Fittings by


Industrial design loves simple, minimal taste. Consequently, accessories should follow this trend and be sparse themselves. Accessories should be carefully selected; being functional and stylish.

The above image is a perfect example of wonderful accessorising. It's a contemporary wardrobe rack with one simple bar across the top fixed to a while wooden drawer and two adjoining poles. Good for storage with it's large drawer at the bottom, this accessory is ideal for a bedroom or dressing room.

Have you incorporated any industrial design elements into your home? Let us know in the comments, below.

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