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​10 modern kitchen cabinet ideas you can steal

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What would a kitchen be without its trusty cabinets? A rather weird-looking space with a few loose appliances and a sink, that’s what. That is why we’ve decided to put today's style spotlight on kitchen cabinetry by highlighting a few quick and budget-friendly ways in which you can style up those cabinets. 

But before you moan and groan, these fixes are easy and cheap, so they won’t take up too much of your precious spare time. Besides, after all the hard work those cabinets do by storing your kitchen accessories and looking pretty, it’s the least you can do in return!

So, let’s take it away with 10 amazing examples that teach us how kitchen cabinets can help make our culinary spaces the heart and soul of our homes.

1. A warm and welcoming look

Grosvenor | Walnut And Marble Elegance Davonport Modern kitchen Wood Brown

Grosvenor | Walnut And Marble Elegance


Ah, the beauty of wood – it can make a space seem oh-so elegant or simply charming and inviting. This kitchen space opted for the latter by using coffee-brown timber panels for the cabinet doors. 

And just see how delightfully they combine with the brown marble of the countertops!

2. Unique lighting

How about you change the kitchen lighting to give your entire room a whole new look without touching so much as a drawer knob? 

These designers have treated this kitchen to some purple glows, which creates an otherworldly look and feel thanks to the cabinetry’s smooth and sleek surfaces.

3. All in white

Light colours not only make a space seem clean, they also aid in visual spaciousness, which can help make a room feel bigger and more open. 

Just look to this striking kitchen above (with its silver lighting fixtures and patterned floor for some stylish contrast) if you have any doubts about the magic of white.

4. Lots of (natural) light

Pale tones and natural lighting go hand in hand; thus, never underestimate the power of a window, glass door, or skylight. 

In this eye-catching design above, we can see how glass surfaces and open windows/doors bring a beautiful and refreshing look and feel to the kitchen, working quite effectively with the white colour palette.

5. A continuation of materials

Want your open-plan kitchen to blend in with the adjoining room(s)? Easy – just opt for a material which you can use in both spaces, like the warm timber of the bookcase above which is mimicked by the kitchen cabinets. 

This helps to make both kitchen and living room seem that much larger while also drawing attention to the tones and materials.

6. Effective storage spaces

Casa Lago renziravelo Modern kitchen

Casa Lago


What good are those kitchen cabinets to you if they’re not helping hold back the clutter? A cabinet needs to store a selection of kitchen accessories to help make the rest of the space seem clean and open – and, thus, practical. 

For a different look in your kitchen, try taking off a few cabinet doors to have certain cabinets flaunt an open look – just ensure their contents are not too stocked, as that will resort in a cluttered look for the entire space.

7. Dream tones

Manhattan Micro-Loft Specht Architects Modern kitchen
Specht Architects

Manhattan Micro-Loft

Specht Architects

A new colour, a new look. These soft tones create such a wonderful and dreamy ambience for this kitchen space, but we’re not only referring to the cabinetry: that arctic blue of the backsplash is equally striking.

So how about treating your kitchen cabinets to a new tone or two?

8. Successful contrast

Want your kitchen to flaunt an eye-catching look? Contrast is key; have your wooden cabinets, for example, offset with sleek appliances and crisp-white surfaces, such as the countertops or walls. 

Even something small and simple like changing your backsplash to contrast with your cabinets can also make a huge impact.

9. Glass cabinets

Cabinets with glass doors are part of the modern design, and as we can see in this example, they work incredibly well in a small kitchen. 

In addition to displaying the contents inside the cabinets (helping you find what you’re looking for so much easier), the glass also contrasts with the rest of the materials, like the wooden cabinets and marble countertops.

10. A vibrant look

We have nothing against cheerful colours as long as they complement the relevant space and are kept under control. 

This kitchen above opted for a canary yellow to adorn its cabinetry, and it works splendidly seeing as that yellow doesn’t overrule the space – the patterned backsplash and sleek appliances make sure of that. 

On that note, why don’t you check out these; 10 bold and beautiful colours for your kitchen?

What touch-ups did we inspire for your kitchen cabinets?

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