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​Trends 2017: what you'll have in your home next year

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Who can believe that 2016 is almost finished? But instead of reminiscing about the past year’s good (and not-so-great) times, we instead look towards the future and what that will mean not only for our lives, but also our lifestyles.

Thus, 2017 is around the corner, and with a new year comes a whole new batch of “what’s hot” and “what’s not”. Fortunately we have our finger on the style pulse, and we just love sharing trendy tips with you.

So, get comfortable, and take a glimpse of what will be considered fashionable for interior design once 2017 rolls around. 

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1. Natural wood

As a natural material that is fantastically versatile in terms of look and style, wood has always been in fashion. But trust us when we say that timber surfaces will be huge next year. 

So, start planning where you will be flaunting wooden finishes (either light and smooth or rough and raw) in your house next year.

2. Shades of grey

There are way more than 50… 2016 saw grey tones in a wide variety of hues take firm control of colour palettes just about everywhere, and it seems like 2017 will only continue this stylish trend. 

Thus, get ready to flaunt greys (think of hues like ‘chromium’, ‘ashen’, grey gull’) alongside bold tones like blues and greens on your walls, sofas, fabrics, and just about everywhere.

3. Metallic surfaces

Metal is in for next year; although we can’t guarantee the similar-named music genre will be as popular, décor- and furniture items flaunting metal surfaces (think oxide textures, copper surfaces, stainless steel pieces) will be gleaming up just about every design magazine and Pinterest board – trust us!

4. Handmade- and recycled pieces

Good news for our DIYers: 2017 will be your year to shine! As “living green” seems to be getting more popular, a real awareness for the environment has become the trend to follow.

Think about how recycled materials transitioning into stylish and functional pieces can help your interior spaces, like wooden pallet furniture.

5. Magnificent marble

Marble has never been a look to shy away from, but along with wood it will be quite a big style in 2017. 

That’s why we recommend that you start saving up for your bathroom renovation next year – marble countertops will be so in.

6. Bringing nature indoors

Because the environment is important, it has become also stylish; therefore, think of ways in which you can flaunt natural touches in your home next year.

Potted indoor plants, fresh flowers, botanical prints, nature-inspired wall murals, wallpaper with floral patterns… what else can you think of?

7. Natural fabrics

If you’re thinking cotton and wool, you’re on the right track for 2017. These two, along with other natural materials, are set to rule interior design schemes across the world.

But rest assured that you don’t have to bid farewell to your love for vibrant tones and detailed patterns, as the mix-and-match look will also be riding the trend wave.

8. Geometric designs

Geometric designs and patterns already gained momentum in 2016, but gives no indication that they will quiet down in the new year. So, add some stylish structure to your home with rectangles, circles and stars, and splash them in various hues on your linen, wallpaper, and lighting fixtures.

Just keep the “less is more” attitude in mind, please. 

Want some more inspiration? Check out these: 5 gorgeous geometric designs for your home.

What style will you try in your home in 2017?

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