16 little tricks to make your bed the cosiest place ever

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Your bed should be the place you least want to leave in the morning and the destination you can't wait to get back to at the end of a long and arduous day. But how can you make it truly irresistible? What small and easy steps can you take to ensure your bedroom is the most comfortable and welcoming spot in your home? 

Have no fear if you're drawing a blank, as we have some great ideas that any interior designer would be happy to agree with. Get yourself in the right frame of mind by making a cup of tea and curling up in a favourite chair, before reading all about how you can upgrade your bed from comfy to super cosy. 

You won't regret it come bedtime! 

1. Keep windows open as much as you can

French Windows - Loft Conversions LMB Loft Conversions Modern style bedroom
LMB Loft Conversions

French Windows—Loft Conversions

LMB Loft Conversions

To get lots of fresh air in the room.

2. Add colourful throws made from luxury materials

The heavier the fabric, the cosier it will feel.

3. Install matching bedside lamps

For a warmer atmosphere than main bedroom lighting can offer.

4. Add fairy lights to your headboard

Upholstered bed homify Eclectic style spa Grey

Upholstered bed


For some soft romantic illumination and lots of cosy fun!

5. Embrace natural materials

Roma Natural Walnut Bed homify BedroomBeds & headboards

Roma Natural Walnut Bed


They look and feel warmer than synthetics.

6. Go to town with the extra scatter cushions

The more you have, the more you can snuggle!

7. Let your pets come in to snuggle with you

Rufus the cat modelling quilts! Quilts by Lisa Watson BedroomTextiles
Quilts by Lisa Watson

Rufus the cat modelling quilts!

Quilts by Lisa Watson

It might go against everything you think you know, but some furry companionship will up the cosy factor.

8. Sheer drapes will add cosiness and romance

Draw them closed for extra cosiness.

9. Treat yourself to expensive pillows

You won't regret it and nor will your neck and back when they melt into them.

10. Buy the highest thread count bed linen that you can afford

Riviera Embroidered Bedspread Marquis & Dawe BedroomTextiles
Marquis & Dawe

Riviera Embroidered Bedspread

Marquis & Dawe

The better your bedding, the more cosy your bed will feel.

11. Add a wraparound headboard

Which will make you feel supported and cocooned all at once.

12. Embrace soft neutral colours

They make you want to hunker down and never get up.

13. Grab an all-seasons duvet

Cool Nordic Bedding Style TrueStuff BedroomTextiles

Cool Nordic Bedding Style


Keep it nice and thick for an especially cosy sleep!

14. Have plants or flowers nearby

They help keep everything smelling gorgeous and clean while you stay in bed as long as you possibly can.

15. Faux fur accessories will up the snuggle factor

And feel beautifully tactile.

16. Have some candles on your bedside table

For muted, romantic lighting when you fancy it.

For more cosy tips, take a look at this Ideabook: It's getting cold! How to stay warm and cosy at home.

How else have you made your bedroom comfortable?

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