Bland 1930s terrace is anything but

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Bob Romijnders Architectuur + Interieur Scandinavian style balcony, veranda & terrace
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Today on homify 360° we delve into a delightful family residence that recently underwent a quite stylish home renovation. Yes, some modern beauty and functionality was opted for, resulting in the entire structure receiving a delicious makeover – including a brand new terrace at the back.

And what a space! We’re talking clean and open layouts, soft and neutral colours, and a charming ambience which floats from room to room. 

Although this house was originally constructed in the 1930s, today it flaunts a unique look that is somewhere inbetween ‘golden vintage’ and ‘crisp contemporary’; certain areas and surfaces are brand new, while others are delightful touches that remind us of the golden age of architecture from 80+ years ago.

Let’s take a look…

That terrific terrace

We kick-start our tour with a look at the rear terrace; a glorious place that really adds style and functionality to this house. Thankfully, the façade was largely left untouched in order not to destroy the historic charm of the brick-clad structure, or the uniform look of the neighbourhood. 

However, a few windows were added and the garden underwent some stylish touch-ups to make the overall scene that much more perfect.

The chic interiors

Now for the other side. Here we get to see the dining room and kitchen sharing an open-plan layout, and the view that these very fortunate homeowners get to enjoy on a daily basis. Just look at the gorgeous natural lighting flooding through those windows and glass doors, basking the entire culinary space in a glowing whiteness. 

And thanks to a very minimalist-style approach to interior design, these indoor spaces look all the more open and spacious.

An open way of living

And what lies beyond the culinary section? A living room, it would seem, which also takes its stylish spot in this open-plan design. 

Part of the renovation included breaking up the original floor plan and opting for a more open and free-flowing layout, allowing the living areas to seamlessly flow together. This way, the rather modest-in-size house flaunts a much bigger and inviting look.

A clean and quiet style

Clean, cosy and elegant – don’t you just love the Scandinavian design style? With that dusty toned timber flooring leading us from the dining area into the living room, we are treated to a soft colour palette, natural materials, plush fabrics, and a very clean design that makes the space look quite relaxing. 

The perfect room to unwind in style after a hard day at work, don’t you agree?

A bathroom of purity

The same clean style continues into the bathroom – quite befitting for a space where we cleanse ourselves, right? 

Only the essential pieces were included in here, yet the room looks far from under-furnished or dull – in fact, due to the soft tones and clean spaces, this bathroom flaunts a look that makes it look clean and spotless 24/7!

The special spot

We have time for one more room, and we picked the nursery. Here, stylish purism meets up with a loving and charming retro look that is both relaxing and welcoming – the perfect fashionable space for a toddler.  

Patterned wallpaper adds both detail and charisma, reminding us yet again that you don’t need to resort to overly decorated spaces to make a room, even one that’s meant for a child, attractive. 

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What are your thoughts on this newly renovated house?

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