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14 sliding doors that optimise space in a small home

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Sliding doors were once the height of interior design sophistication, before seemingly going off the boil for a few year. But now they're back with a BANG!

In a world where home design is shrinking in scope and poorer value for money, it's important to know how you can maximise your interior space without sacrificing privacy and style. That's where sliding doors could be the answer to your prayers.

Thanks to interior designers increasingly using them in their projects, you can safe in the knowledge they're fashionable once more so, if you need to cordon off your kitchen or block off your bathroom, take a look at these amazing styles and see which might work for you.

1. Opening out onto the balcony

These super simple doors barely keep the outside world at bay, which is great for small homes that can feel claustrophobic.

2. A strong-framed design

Will look great as a contrast in a minimalist home, whilst the glazing keeps the room light.

3. Connected to the garden

An easy connection to the garden is a breeze with glazed and metal-framed, sliding patio doors.

4. Ornate detailing

Doors can add a little opulence and make more of a statement of your taste.

5. Tailor made blinds

Glazed but private when you need them to be, sliding doors with specially-made blinds are ideal for homes that are overlooked.

6. Disappearing doors

When space is tight, sliding doors that go in and out of a wall cavity are a clever solution!

7. Panelled doors

In tune with the wider styling, these panelled doors have an almost Asian feel, which goes with the low table perfectly.

8. Stained glass panels

Keeping these sliding doors as luxurious and bespoke as the rest of the décor.

9. Etched frosted glass

Contemporary cool doesn't come close to describing these awesome, almost industrially functional, frosted glass and etched doors!

10. Framing device

As part of a strong visual, glazed sliding doors that frame snippets of the rooms they reveal are a beautifully bold addition.

11. Secret haven

As an indoor garden enclosure, these sliding doors are really in their element.

12. Classic window panelling

To separate and integrate, sliding doors with window panels offer as much freedom as you want. Open-plan when you like and segregated when you need some privacy.

13. Polished metal frames

For a fresh feel, polished metal frames with single panes of glass make perfect kitchen sliding doors. They also reflect the space, making it seem bigger!

14. Frosted glass

Perfect for bedrooms, frosted glass sliding doors give you a hint what's behind them and nothing more.

That's the doors, now for the windows: 32 window designs to make your house look fantastic.

Have you opened up to the idea of sliding doors?

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