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13 reasons why modern gothic style isn't as scary as it sounds

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Orangery with Gothic Detailing Vale Garden Houses Classic style conservatory Wood Beige
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If you've been to Europe, even just once for a short period of time, you've more than likely come into contact with gothic architecture and design. Claiming its height in the mid- to late-medieval period, gothic architecture flourished in Europe and parts of Asia, giving the world some of the most beautiful religious and communal buildings ever seen.

Gathering inspiration from either religion or civic duty, gothic architecture was meant to appeal to the strongest emotions one could have, making it a great inspiration for interior design. Due to its historicism and gaudy details, one might wonder how to incorporate gothic design into the interior of their home—don't worry, we have it covered. Below are modern options to the gothic trend and we guarantee you'll adore them!

1.Is your space suitable

Orangery with Gothic Detailing Vale Garden Houses Classic style conservatory Wood Beige
Vale Garden Houses

Orangery with Gothic Detailing

Vale Garden Houses

The first thing anyone should do with any new interior design trend is to analyse their home and see if it fits accordingly. With more historic and traditional homes, gothic interiors are more palpable and possible. With a modern or contemporary home, the gothic style might pose some difficulties—but none that can't be worked around. This historic home is a perfect example of how well modern-gothic can fit with both the interior and exterior design, when done right!

Gothic architecture and design is also defined by a certain, specific colour palette This reading room/library is exemplary of this style, take a look!

2. Create your own gothic cloister

Orangery with Gothic Detailing Vale Garden Houses Classic style conservatory Wood Beige
Vale Garden Houses

Orangery with Gothic Detailing

Vale Garden Houses

One easy way to bring the gothic style into your home is to first try it on a room that's easy to experiment with. An outdoor sunroom or pergola covered area would be the perfect try. Pointed, arched and dramatic window panes are one of the tall-tale signs of gothic architecture, seen both in churches and civic buildings throughout Europe.

This wonderful Gothic-style interior is part of an architectural project—take a look for further inspiration.

3. Gothic-style furnishings

Pair of Antique Gothic Glastonbury Chairs UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques Living roomStools & chairs
UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

Pair of Antique Gothic Glastonbury Chairs

UKAA | UK Architectural Antiques

A more affordable option for bringing the gothic style to your home is to scour antique and flea markets for key furnishings and decor. These lovely hand-carved chairs are both charming and unique as they can be used in an eclectic living room, a reading nook or even a tiny dining room. If you're looking to give them a more modern touch, why not try sanding them and painting them in a stain or colour you prefer?

4. Don't forget the small details

Bespoke Oak Gothic Style stairs Buscott Woodworking Country style corridor, hallway& stairs
Buscott Woodworking

Bespoke Oak Gothic Style stairs

Buscott Woodworking

This railing banister has gothic details that could be suitable for almost any home. Wood is perfect for this, however metals, metallics and gilded finishes are all original beauties of the gothic period. Why not add some gold or chrome paint to these small details in order to make them stand out?

5. Don't shy away from white

Think white has no place in a gothic home? Think again! By mixing Scandinavian and gothic influences, your home can look both edgy and sophisticated.

6. Choose a statement sofa

Luxury furniture VICIANI Living roomSofas & armchairs

Luxury furniture


A bog standard sofa just isn't going to cut it in a modern gothic home. If you invest in one thing, make it a plush, antique look sofa—preferably one with dark and chintzy floral upholstery, carved legs, and a Victorian shape, as seen here. Keep the rest of the living room decor neutral. You want the sofa to do all the talking.

7. Go geometric

The discerning modern goth doesn't always make a beeline for old, ornate carvings and flamboyant velvet wallpaper. Greyscale geometric shapes and patterns can work just as well in a gothic home, especially when paired with reclaimed wooden accessories and mid-century furniture. Just remember to keep it monochrome!

8. Stripes are your friend

Because what self-respecting goth doesn't love a good black and purple stripe? Update this look for the 21st century by keeping the furniture sleek, modern and slimline—and don't be afraid to add an unexpected hint of bright colour, as seen here.

9. Go luxury

SS16 Style Guide - Refined Monochrome Collection - Living Room LuxDeco Living roomSofas & armchairs

SS16 Style Guide—Refined Monochrome Collection—Living Room


Black and gold is the perfect colour combo for high-end goths. Shiny metallics, plush black velvet upholstery and classic art deco furniture give even the most sophisticated spaces a dark edge.

10. Checkerboard flooring

Give your bathroom the full goth treatment with classic black and white checkerboard tiling. Take it one step darker by replacing your tired old bathroom fittings with sleek, shiny black ones.

11. Tactile wallpaper

An all-white bedroom can be given an instant gothic look by using textured velvet wallpaper on the headboard wall. Choose a pattern with a classic Victorian motif, accessorise with black throw pillows and blankets, and keep the rest of the decor minimal. A chandelier is, of course, mandatory.

12. At the stroke of midnight

Is black a little too overpowering for you? Why not try this delightful shade of midnight blue instead. Paint a feature wall, a door, or go all out and cover your entire room. Just add gold accents to lift and brighten the space—you don't want it looking too dark!

5. A perfect gothic living room

Anora Collection Feiss Lighting Shine Lighting Ltd Classic style living room
Shine Lighting Ltd

Anora Collection Feiss Lighting

Shine Lighting Ltd

What a perfect accumulation of gothic decor, accessories and a neutral colour palettte for this lovely living room. Still maintaining a touch of traditionalism, this living room has used gothic-style candle holders (a prominent feature in gothic buildings, cities and homes) and luxurious textiles and fabrics to achieve a finished and polished look. This living room is proof that gothic interiors don't have to be gaudy and overpowering!

We suggest that you give gothic style a try with a modern touch to be more fitting for your otherwise traditional home. It adds a sense of grandeur and luxury, on a smaller scale. If you're feeling rather inspired by gothic architecture and interiors these days, then see how to create the perfect gothic living room in six easy steps!

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