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Leigh Leigh
MODULAR HOME Modern pool
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Black and white are very striking and contrasting colours, so what do we get one home makes the most of these two tones?

Today at homify we are going to find out!

This home, designed by professionals Modular Home is a dramatic design that shows us just how simple yet sophisticated modern design can be.

As we explore this home from the outside in, we will see how clean lines and minimalist precision can result in the most beautiful architecture and interior design. It also doesn't compromise on comfort or functionality. 

Are you ready to take a look?

The striking exterior

From the outside of the home, we can see just how impressive it is with its smooth white walls and black metal gates. 

We can really see how the black and white tones contrast as well as how different textures and tones create a home that turns heads right from the get go. 

The clean lines and flat roof add to the modern and contemporary look and feel.

In South Africa, we also know how important safety and security is, but we also don't want to feel like we live in a prison. Here the designers have achieved the perfect balance, creating a stylish home that is protected too.

The fabulous backyard

The back of the home is worth a double take!

The double-storey structure opens up onto a fabulous terrace as well as a large and spacious garden, complete with an expansive swimming pool. 

This is a perfect and interactive spot for the family where they can come together on long, lazy summer days to swim and enjoy the sunshine. There is also plenty of space to host friends too!

Tip: If you have small children, a fence around the swimming pool can ensure that they are kept safe and don't fall in by mistake!

Don't you love how the white facade contrasts beautifully with the blue water and very green garden?

A home for the cars

Most South Africans own cars so we know how important it is to have a space where they are protected and kept out of the sunshine, rain or even hail!

The designers have made provisions for this, building a little sheltered area that can house two cars at one time. 

Garages also complete the look and feel of a facade, making for a very neat and tidy exterior space.

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A closer look at the terrace

If we have a closer look at the terrace, we can see how multi-functional it is.

It features comfortable outdoor chairs that turn this space into an outdoor living room. Couldn't you imagine reading your book in the sunshine or hosting friends for afternoon tea out here?

There is also an umbrella so that this space can be shaded if need be—a great and functional tip!

Another option is to build a canopy of sorts or extend a roof over this area.

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The savvy staircase

If we head inside the house, we come across some fabulous white floating stairs that are protected by a glass railing.

This is a wonderful example of how a functional element in a home can also bring beauty and decor to the space.

Floating stairs are very modern and refreshing, while the glass railing ensures that the staircase doesn't feel too chunky or too heavy.

Don't you love how the little lights illuminate the stairs so that you can see where you are going at night?

The minimalist kitchen

In the kitchen, we come across a minimalist design that is sleek and savvy.

The designers have opted for grey tiled floors and white cabinets and counter tops. These tones contrast beautifully with one another.

The kitchen island in the middle of the room features little bar stools, where the family can gather around for a more relaxed meal or conversation. There is also a cute little table and chairs for the kids too!

The designers have managed to achieve this minimalist design by opting for plenty of storage space in this room. This keeps utensils, crockery and cutlery stored out of sight, leaving the counter tops bare of everything that isn't functional. 

Natural light

In this image, we get a better understanding of how the home is laid out. The kitchen flows out onto the terrace thanks to the large glass sliding doors, which makes this space feel so much bigger than it is. 

It also allows sunshine to flow into the kitchen during the day, which makes for a warm and spacious room.

Tip: Include as many doors and windows in your home as possible and even skylights if you can! This will instantly transform your interiors.

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