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​8 modern stone wall ideas to decorate your stairs

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So, you're in love with that raw and rustic appeal of a stone wall? We hear you, for we are well aware of the aesthetic quality it can add to a space, both on the exterior façade and the interior surfaces.

But now the question becomes: what are your options when you have to add a staircase to that stone wall? Which element do you focus on? What if you want them to blend in with one another?

Easy. You simply scroll on to see these 8 fantastic examples of staircases and stone walls, and pick the one you’d most like to try in your home.

1. A perfect focal piece

Adorning a wall with stones will definitely draw all eyes towards it, as well its surrounding elements – like these fantastic stairs and interior garden spot. 

See how the front door is coated in the same chocolate-brown wood as the steps, establishing a strong link between different elements.

2. Anchoring those steps

Go ahead and put that striking stone wall to work, like anchoring your floating staircase. That raw look can contrast so deliciously with the timber surfaces and modern glass balustrades, as shown in the example above. 

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3. A stunning space divider

Fearing that your guests will get lost in that gigantic open-plan layout? Divide up those rooms with a wall, and while you’re at it, coat it with eye-catching stone to show off your love for beautiful surfaces. 

Notice how the tiled flooring and stone wall are very similar in hues, highlighting additional décor and furniture pieces that are coloured differently.

4. Connected via colours

Thanks to the tones of the timber steps mimicking the colours of the stone wall, these two surfaces almost bleed into one another – an ideal choice if you can’t decide whether to make your staircase or your stone wall the main focal piece of the room.

5. Blending in perfectly

Want your stone wall to be one with the room? Let those stone hues echo the colours used in the furniture- and décor pieces.

Take a look at our example above: the stone wall features dominant tones of greys (which link up with the stairs and, to a lesser extent, the tiled floor) and beige (which perfectly mimics the modern furniture).

6. A touch of nature indoors

Want that staircase to really bloom? Opt for an interior garden, as well as a strong stone wall behind it to really enhance the natural flavour of your indoor plants

Natural materials, such as stone and wood, are fantastic options to use when you want to portray a lush and natural look for your garden.

7. An otherworldly design

This design is definitely for those of us who aren’t afraid to take risks. Those floating metal steps genuinely seem to be hanging in mid-air, contrasting so effectively with the raw and opaque look of the stone wall behind them. 

Would you dare to add this to your home?

8. Focusing on the stairs

So, you’ve got a problem: you can’t live without the eye-catching pattern and texture of a stone wall, yet you want most of the attention to go to the adjoining staircase.

What do you do? Simple: you coat those steps in a colour which totally contrasts with the floor and wall – like this crisp white design does with the browns and beiges in the background. 

And since it’s an open-riser, the stairs don’t take up too much visual space, allowing for an airy and open look. 

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