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Townfoot GLM Ltd. Modern bathroom
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The basic design and function of a bathroom sink has not changed since they began making their way into bathrooms of homes with the introduction of running water. Although they still serve the same purpose as always, their shape, material, position and detail has greatly changed, and is now available in an endless combination of styles and varieties. It is not uncommon to see sinks made from stone, glass, steel or even concrete, either freestanding or as part of a vanity, and often installed as a pair. Whether you are a fan of a more classic style bathroom sink, or are looking for something a little more individual or unique, these modern bathroom sinks cover all bases.


Freestanding baths have always been a feature in a luxurious bathroom, and have made a resurgence in modern bathrooms of recent years. Freestanding sinks however, are a relatively new addition to a bathroom fit out, and when paired with a freestanding bath, the visual impact is hard to surpass. With ample natural light to begin the day, a frameless mirror, and a timeless, neutral colour palette, this bathroom will not feel dated any time soon, ensuring resale value remains high for the future.

His and hers

Kensington Penthouses DDWH Architects Minimalist bathroom
DDWH Architects

Kensington Penthouses

DDWH Architects

His and hers bathroom sinks are also a relatively new addition in modern bathrooms, and as long as space allows, have featured prominently in bathroom fit outs of recent years. If your home only allows for one bathroom, the busy pace of modern life doesn't allow for time wasted waiting around to use the bathroom. To solve this, and if you need to get ready for work at the same time as your partner, the addition of a second bathroom sink seems obvious.


Having the same design and function as the more understated sinks above, this pair of his and hers freestanding sinks have been designed for a more rugged, natural look. Made of stone, their imperfections and irregular shape are what make them so great, and with a little foliage and timber to set the mood, this bathroom is totally relaxing.


Clarendon Works, Notting Hill, London Moreno Masey Modern bathroom
Moreno Masey

Clarendon Works, Notting Hill, London

Moreno Masey

Modern building techniques mean a sink no longer needs to be part of a vanity, and can appear to float, much the same way stairs and shelves are now often designed. This cantilevered sink that features in a home by moreno:masey has a simple, clean design, and a monochrome colour scheme that always work in bathrooms.

Steel sinks

Townfoot GLM Ltd. Modern bathroom
GLM Ltd.


GLM Ltd.

Have you ever seen a bathroom sink made of steel? Often kitchen sinks are made of metals, but rarely is a bathroom sink constructed of the same material. Not only is it affordable and entirely practical, but when left exposed like these freestanding sinks, it adds a real eye-popping effect to an otherwise simple and classic bathroom design.

Glass sinks

​Sheen Lane, Bathroom BLA Architects Modern bathroom
BLA Architects

​Sheen Lane, Bathroom

BLA Architects

In bathrooms, glass is often used for mirrors or shower walls only. But in this bathroom, glass has also interestingly been chosen for the freestanding sink, which perfectly exemplifies the diverse range of available bathroom sink styles and shapes. We love the fresh look achieved by the glass sink beside the frosted glass shower. 

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Are you a fan of modern, forward-thinking bathrooms, or more understated, classical bathrooms? Let us know in the comments below!

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