16 good reasons why living in a small home rules

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Bigger isn't always better, but if you have a small home you might not be convinced of that yet. Yes, you have to be a little more cautious with how much clutter you have, but living in a smaller property brings with it untold amounts of benefits.

Ask any interior designer and they'll tell you that having a smaller property is not a barrier to great style. However, more than that, you could actually be experiencing a far better quality of life.

Let us explain exactly why little living rooms and bijou bedrooms are fantastic in their own right, then sit back and enjoy a new-found appreciation for your home!

1. Your standard of living can be fantastic

But still far more cost-effective as you'll focus on quality, not quantity.

2. You'll spend less time trying to keep on top of the cleaning

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A simple quick whip round and you'll be done!

3. It's easier to make your home secure and safe

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Wood Casement Windows


Window locks and sturdy doors are all you'll need, and not too many of them either.

4. It won't take as long to decorate according to your taste

Some paint and new pieces of furniture and you're done. That won't break the bank!

5. You'll be less likely to get into unmanageable debt

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Reflected Glory—Holland Park Renovation

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A smaller home means a smaller mortgage and less debt around your neck.

6. Family bonds will be easier to maintain

If you're in close quarters all the time, you'll naturally be a much closer unit.

7. Efficiency and tidiness will naturally be improved

If you have no room for mess, you simply won't have any. How jealous people with huge houses must be!

8. It'll cost much less to heat

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Feature Radiators

Bordo steel column radiator

Feature Radiators

Let's face it, electricity is not cheap these days and you're saving a fortune.

9. You'll get better at optimising your storage

Clever storage solutions are brilliant but, unless you need them your home might be lacking.

10. Cool multifunctional furniture becomes necessary

Kids love small houses as they get awesome beds, like this one!

11. You'll develop close relationships with your neighbours

It's always good to get along with your neighbours as you'll have someone to water your plants whilst when you're away!

12. You'll have less food wastage

If you can't fit food in your kitchen, you won't buy it and so you'll waste much less.

12. A small art collection will make a bigger impact

You don't need masses of paintings and sculptures to fill a small home with good taste.

14. One piece of statement furniture will be enough

All you need in a small living room is an incredible sofa and the whole space seems fabulous.

15. You'll naturally focus more on quality

When you have less to buy, you can invest in better items that will last a lifetime.

16. It'll be far harder to lose remotes and other necessities

Living Room homify Modern living room

Living Room


We all hate losing things but in a small home, you know they'll turn up!

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