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20 small open-plan kitchen ideas (to improve yours)

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Can an open-plan layout really work in a small space? Will a tiny kitchen be able to function perfectly and still look amazing stylish while sharing its space with a dining zone? The answer to both questions is YES! 

We know we sometimes focus on larger properties, but today it's the turn of small, modest homes that have used open-plan kitchen ideas and we're confident you'll love every one of them! 

Each has been carefully coordinated by a kitchen planner, but you'll be able to glean some amazing ideas to help improve yours, so check out some of our favourite open-plan kitchen diner ideas. 

1. Pale colours and matching wood

Open space kitchen and dining room. XTid Associates Classic style kitchen
XTid Associates

Open space kitchen and dining room.

XTid Associates

Makes this transition seamless.

2. Cool as ice

This blue kitchen opens out into a dining room and has a mere glass sliding door through to the rest of the space.

3. Fully open

Country style Interior for an appartment kitchen and living room Inspiria Interiors Country style living room
Inspiria Interiors

Country style Interior for an appartment kitchen and living room

Inspiria Interiors

We love how this kitchen is completely open in the room. Not even a worktop separates it!

4. Wood all around

A splash of dark and brooding colour is all that defines this lovely corner kitchen.

5. Positive vibes

Open Plan Living iroka Living roomSofas & armchairs

Open Plan Living


The energy here is so positive and, by having no top cupboards, this kitchen blends wonderfully into the surroundings.

6. Almost invisible

The all-white cabinets almost make this kitchen disappear from sight, instead shifting our focus to the diner section in the front!

7. Clear distinction

Only one non-load-bearing wall stands inbetween this modern glossy kitchen and the corridor, but the floor beautifully defines where one space ends and the next start.

8. Splash of pink

Open-Plan Kitchen/Living Room, Ladbroke Walk, London Cue & Co of London Modern kitchen
Cue & Co of London

Open-Plan Kitchen/Living Room, Ladbroke Walk, London

Cue & Co of London

With all-white everything (including the fitted kitchen), the pink accent splashback is gorgeous and perfectly ties in with the sofa cushion!

9. Orange is the new white

This wonderfully zingy space  gets better the more you look at it.

10. Clever use of space

See how to make a small kitchen design work? With all the full-height items at one end of the kitchen and perfectly-sized furnishings on the living/dining side, this use of space is inspired.

11. Yellow fever

It looks like the mice have been at this kitchen! With such a bold colour choice, it's great that the wider living area is white and offers no dramatic contrast.

12. Simple yet stylish

Dining homify Industrial style kitchen



Part of a fabulous loft conversion, the simplicity of this set up is what makes it work so well.

13. Small yet mighty

See? Tiny kitchens with minuscule breakfast bars really can work and look great as part of an open-plan space. Notice how the traditional wood cleverly boxes out and frames different areas.

14. Take a second look

Upon first sight this looks like a large home. However, after you realise this is everything, you see it differently! A narrow but wide open-plan kitchen uses the space most effectively.

15. No fuss, please

When an open-plan space is too fussy, it can look small and pokey. Fortunately, this version is so simple and fluid (just look at the worktop-to-table connection) that it works.

16. Cosy and warm

Wood cabins always look phenomenal left open-plan. It's due to the warmth of the wood making every facet of the space look cosy and inviting… like this kitchen!

17. How do you fit a whole kitchen into one corner?

Exactly like this! We adore this space-savvy cube of a kitchen.

18.Optical illusion

Open Plan Kitchen with Glass Wall Elan Kitchens Modern kitchen
Elan Kitchens

Open Plan Kitchen with Glass Wall

Elan Kitchens

A bit of a trick of the eye, this kitchen is actually sunken down from the floor. Note the ingenious matching of the wooden floor with the cupboard tones.

19. Beautiful contrast

In a pale, open-plan space, a darker kitchen offers beautiful contrast.

20. All-white is all right

We'll always love a white, open-plan kitchen.

An open-plan kitchen diner: The pros

Wintergarden Kitchen Extension - Haper Road - SE1 London Designcubed Modern kitchen

Wintergarden Kitchen Extension—Haper Road —SE1 London


• Boosts entertaining, with guests and hosts seamlessly communicating with one another from the kitchen to the dining- and living areas.

• Stimulates use of more space. Certain rooms, like formal dining rooms, may not get used that often. But start considering open-plan kitchen ideas and you can more easily (and more often) make use of all your indoor space.   

• Enhanced views and natural lighting. Fewer walls means more to look at, especially if your adjoining diner / living room has glass doors that bleed out onto a patio or balcony. 

An open-plan kitchen diner: The cons

• Messiness from cooking/baking, especially a small kitchen, is more visible from the living/dining area.

• Noise levels from one end of the open-plan design to the other are increased.

• Lack of privacy. Some people prefer cooking in silence with nobody nearby watching TV or working/doing homework at the nearby dining table. 

Now that we’ve (possibly) convinced you to give the open-plan look a try, you may want to sneak a peek at these 11 nifty tricks to make your kitchen look more expensive

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