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Millennium Drive : Mezzanine Space Nic Antony Architects Ltd Rustic style living room
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Things a bit tight at home? Wish you could squeeze in an extra room? Well, if there’s no more legroom in your garden or the yard, how about going up – as in making use of the vertical space above your current rooms?

Mezzanines may not be a new invention, but they sure are a much-relied-upon feature when it comes to conjuring up new space in a house. Just think about it: anything from a guest bedroom to a second bathroom, to a home office or a playpen for the kiddies can be achieved with a mezzanine floor.

Sound good to you? We’re sure you may have a question or two, so feel free to scroll down and see what other people were asking before adding a mezzanine to their home design.

1. Is a site survey required?

A survey of your house is always recommend, as it allows the professionals in charge of the project to discuss, in detail, requirements such as staircases, walkways, etc. 

This will allow the builders to produce the most efficient design for your home.

2. Is Planning Permission required?

Millennium Drive : Mezzanine Space Nic Antony Architects Ltd Rustic style living room
Nic  Antony Architects Ltd

Millennium Drive : Mezzanine Space

Nic Antony Architects Ltd

The answer is almost always “no” if it is a fully demountable structure and the changes are internal. However, you will require Building Regulations Approval.

3. Are there restrictions for an office / workplace mezzanine?

Building Regulations do not limit the size, shape or height of the new mezzanine floor. However, the Government has been trying to control the expansion of retail space in out-of-town developments, which has led to them bringing in legislation that requires planning permission for floors greater than 200 m². 

You can, however, add multiple floors less than 200 m² without requiring planning permission.

4. Do I need the landlord’s permission to add a mezzanine floor to my office building?

In most cases you will need to inform the landlord of the proposed changes, just to ensure that you comply with your lease’s terms and conditions (if that is, in fact, a stipulated condition). 

It is advisable to show them the proposed flooring designs and inform them of Building Regulation Approval. The simplest thing to do is to send a copy of all correspondence to your Local Authority/Approved Building Inspector, as well as to your landlord.

5. How long will installation take?

Of course this differs from site to site depending on size, use and finish; however, the general work progress per day is about 70 m². 

And the typical time from order to commencing the installation of the mezzanine floor is between 2 and 3 weeks.

6. Are there any design restrictions for mezzanine floors?

No, as most companies offer an extensive range of floor loading options to suit most applications (all subject to local site conditions).

7. What information do I need to present?

A site inspection of your house will present the necessary information. However, if it’s an office building you’re looking to add a mezzanine to, any record drawings with the proposed mezzanine area marked on would be helpful. 

Elements such as smoke detection, fire alarms, and emergency lighting/exits should also be provided to support the Building Regulations application. And any details of your floor slab and sub-base are required, which is generally available from your landlord or builder. 

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