Top 20 small homes with project costs

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It's always fun to take a look and see what other countries are doing in terms of creating small and affordable housing and we've found what we think are the Top 20 examples. 

All designed by or renovated under the careful watch of a professional architect, these small homes are incredibly good value for money, but bear in mind that location and land costs have to be factored in. Nevertheless, these small but perfectly formed family homes will offer you a good dose of inspiration if you're thinking about tackling a new build project. 

Come see what your budget could get you!

1. A fabulous family home

With three bedrooms, two garages and a converted loft space, this home certainly doesn't want for anything, and yet still came in at a staggeringly low £55,000. A terrace to the rear of the home adds even more appeal and we are in awe at the workmanship of the Polish building crew here!

2. Lacking nothing

Again, this home has three bedrooms and a converted loft space, but when you realise that there is also a 27sqm living room, you have be astonished that this home was created for just £47,000! Built in a new residential suburb, it would be ideal for families!

3. Work from home

Three bedrooms and a home office make this a small but wonderful home for anyone that has a stay-at-home job. The client opted out of having a garage and that decision had an impact on the price, as this stands at just £34,000! Can you even imagine what that would buy you, in say, London?

4. Personal choices

This home is a little more personalised, with a rear terrace and front porch, but it sill boasts three bedrooms inside and has ample space for a growing family. Wouldn't you gladly pay just £38,000 for something this pretty? As an added bonus, it is out of the city centre, meaning a quieter setting.

5. No holds barred

Despite a relatively small inside area of just 150sqm, there are three functional bedrooms and even a pool in the back garden, which certainly adds to the luxury of the property. We don't have an up-to-date price for this project, but you certainly aren't looking at a six-figure total!

6. A total revamp

You can clearly see that this isn't a new build, but this property did require a total top to bottom renovation. The inside has been finished to the highest standards and looks incredible, but the whole project came in at a mere £23,000. Now that's what we call a smart budget!

7. Modular heaven

Modular or prefabricated homes are fantastic, as you can finalise the design, have all the panels made off-site and then simply have them erected by a professional team. Staggeringly, these futuristic residences typically cost £17,000—£57,000, depending on the specifications that you choose. Anyone else fancy moving to Poland with us?

8. Fun for families

Home Build homify

Home Build


Would you believe us if we told you that this home contained FOUR bedrooms? Well it does and thanks to not choosing any of the optional extras, the entire build is priced at just £28,000. For a four-bedroomed house, this is simply incredible, isn't it? 

9. Open-plan perfection

Encompassing just 75sqm, this amazing one-storey design can still easily accommodate a family with several children. The off-site construction method ensures this will never break the bank and we don't see this being even close to £100,000.

10. Funky additions

Реконструкция Дачного дома в Пушкино, МО. Minimalist houses

Реконструкция Дачного дома в Пушкино, МО.

Once a typical farmhouse, this home got a smashing extension that increased the size and style exponentially. When you learn that the reconstruction work only cost in the region of £3,000, you see why the owners went for it!

11. Home with a view

Down Sizing homify

Down Sizing


These rural homes are really doing it for us, especially when you can squeeze three bedrooms in them and still get pocket change from £23,000! The terrace on this house is a nice touch that makes it a little more personal too.

13. Konnichiwa, Japan

We always love to see how innovative Japan can be and it certainly didn't disappoint here! Building on the most awkward plot ever, this incredible home came in at an unbelievable £18,000! Perhaps it's time to take another look at those less than ideal strips of land that are for sale!

14. A Prefabricated dream

Another prefabricated house, but this time with a studio system in place, we think this could easily be converted into a two-bedroom house, if the mood took you and guess what? You won't even spend £60,000! All that for so little seems almost like a joke!

15. Cute as a button

Sandwiched between two other buildings, this gorgeous little home has been expertly finished to the highest standards and with happy family living in mind. Total project costs were unavailable, but given how much some of the complete new builds have cost, you know this won't have been expensive!

16. A quick turnaround

Projekty biuro40 Modern houses



Homes like this one are fantastic value, as they are the product of selecting a few options and boom! A new house! This one os a real show-stopper, with a gorgeous terrace and amazing porch area. The even more amazing thing? It came in at just £34,000! Unreal!

17. A touch of tradition

Any bricks and mortar house build will take longer and be more expensive than a prefab, but wit that being said, this incredible property, which has a real presence, would have only cost in the region of £45,000—£57,000! It's unreal isn't it? Seriously, sign us up!

18. Living it up with a pool

How do you fancy a modernist home with all the luxury that you could ever dream of? Well a mere £40,000 could get you a home like this one, complete with a gorgeous swimming pool! You'd never want to move!

19. Eye-catching design

It's not all standard homes, as this incredible and very modern building proves! Every inch a modern rustic dream home that effortlessly taps into the Scandinavian trend that is hot hot right now, you could own this for just £66,000. Of course, the location plays a big part in cost, but we'd re-locate for that type of value and so would you, especially when you learn this whole home has underfloor heating too!

20. A tiny treasure

Taking studio living to the next level, this small home is the epitome of the ideal starter home. Perfect for a single, or a very close couple, we don't have up-to-date pricing information for this build, but it certainly wouldn't be much. Even better is that it is built as an entire home and simply transported to site, in one piece! Amazing!

If you are loving the idea of a small home, take a look at this Ideabook: Magical small 38 m² home.

Which of these was your favourite and seemed like the best value for money?

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