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Where's the best place to put a TV in my small room?

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How and where you mount your television has a big impact, especially in a small room, so we have come up with 30 great ways to make your media station sparkle. Sometimes, it's about how you decorate the space around your TV and then again, how you actually decide to mount it will play a hugely important role too.

However, don't panic if you really don't know where to start, as we're here to help! Interior designers were quick to pick up on the wall-mounted television trend and this works well for small rooms, but we found some examples that went the extra mile in terms of décor. 

A small room isn't a big problem, as we're about to show you! So, where should you put your TV?

1. Under high wall shelves

In a small living room, storage counts, so get your TV on the wall, with a high shelf running above it for storing DVDs.

2. In a wall unit

Simple, sweet and totally functional.

3. At eye level

We mean from your sofa, not high up so you have to strain your neck!

4. On a specially-made fake wall

You can add lighting and shelves to these amazing displays.

5. On a wooden feature wall

What a way to add some dark contrast to this bright living room.

6. Surrounded by colour

You can't deny that this TV looks like art and look at all the storage either side of it!

7. Camouflaged on a gallery wall

Blink and you'll miss this TV.

8. Flush-mounted on wood effect paper

The flat profile here looks great and really works with the wall style.

9. On a TV stand.

They were created for a reason and are now super sleek and stylish. 

10. Mounted on concrete

Industrial and modern, a concrete wall doesn't have to be all the entertainment, if you mount your TV on it!

11. Opposite similarly-sized wall art

The cohesion here is magnificent, as the wall art looks the exact same size as the TV screen!

12. Inbetween shelves

Shelves above and storage below, this TV is perfectly encapsulated!

13. To the side

You don't always have to have your TV in the middle of a wall. In fact, they look great off to the side.

14. Next to funky storage

Your eye is always drawn to the TV, so place something amazing next to it to ensure everyone notices it! 

15. On the wall furthest from the sofa

You don't want neck strain, so have your TV as far from the sofa as you can. In a small room, it won't ever be too far!

16. On an upcycled storage unit

Anything upcycled and fun will be perfect as a TV stand. What about filing cabinets, turned on their sides?

17. Under a spotlight

If you're watching your favourite programme, you don't want to be squinting to see Poldark with his shirt off, so install a light above the TV.

18. Above a desk

Perfect for teens that need their room to be multifunctional.

19. Behind beautiful ceramics

If you are a little loathed to have a TV ruining a room, simple overshadow it with lovely accessories.

20. Inset in the wall

For truly tiny rooms, this is a great idea that will gain you valuable inches.

21. In place of a wall panel

This TV looks like a perfect fit, thanks to the wall panel pieces that are similar in their dimensions. Clever!

22. On a bright feature wall

Even when the TV is off, you'll still have something lovely to gaze at.

23. On a dark wall

To blend your TV into your décor a little more, choose a dark wall to mount it on. 

24. Under some appropriate collections

Having film memorabilia near your TV will make it feel more like a home cinema.

25. Out of sight

Don't want a TV being the main focus in a room? Make it impossible to see until you sit down!

26. At a work station

You know what they say about all work and no play… this will really solve the problem.

27. On a geometric wall

Two trends in one!

28. Out of the glare zone

If you have a window in your small space, don't place your TV directly opposite it.

29. On bare brick

A lovely juxtaposition between old and new, rustic and modern.

30. Against a graphic print

You certainly can't ignore this screen!

For more small living room advice and tips, take a look at this Ideabook: 23 new ideas to better organise your small living room.

More tips on living room TV walls…

When sorting your living room, it's important to arrange the space so it's practical, but also so it's pleasing to the eye. You'll need to center the TV so that everyone will have a nice view of what's going on. It's best to arrange your room so that the TV is the centerpiece then, even if we're dealing with small spaces.

Consider TV sizes — don't buy a TV that's too large for the space you live in — and buy only what you need. While a larger TV can be tempting, it may be impractical for a small room or apartment.

Ensure that the TV is put at an optimal level for comfortable viewing — ask your partner or family member to help you get it just right. You'll also want to leave room for speakers if you have any. Mounting a TV on the living room wall is the most unintrusive way of decorating a room, but if you don't want to deal with a wall mount, then consider placing the TV on a nice stand or in a shelving unit that can double as a bookcase.

If you still need help with organising a small living room, we've compiled several more layout ideas for you to wade through.

Which of these ideas looked great to you?

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