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Modern garden fountains

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A Contemporary "Oasis" Kevin Cooper Garden Design Modern garden
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As infamous fashion designer Tom Ford once quoted, “an outfit is made with accessories”, and we think a garden is much the same. A great garden is made up of so much more than a manicured lawn and a flower bed. The idea of a dream garden will vary for each individual, but we're sure it will contain at least an outdoor dining setting, a barbecue, some mood lighting, maybe a veggie patch, or even a water feature. While flowers and the lawn are fundamental to a nice garden, sometimes they can be made with the simple addition of something a little special. A modern garden calls for a modern water feature, as they now can come in an endless array of styles and variations, each to suit every style of garden and taste, helping keep your garden stay on trend, all the while with personal flare.

Modern water blades

A water blade is a cascading flow of a clean sheet of water, and can be installed into a wall or mounted externally, or as seen here, can be installed in a garden sleeper. A stainless steel version will give a crisp, sharp blade effect, or can be installed with a more cost effective plastic version.

Setting the mood

As you can see here, water blades can also be installed with LED lighting to add an extra special visual effect, and ensure your water blade will not got unnoticed when enjoying your garden on those balmy summer nights. With some complementary lighting illuminating the plants and the statue of Buddha, this garden has been completely transformed.

Finer details

Knightsbridge Roof Terrace - Aralia Garden Design Aralia Modern commercial spaces Stone Black

Knightsbridge Roof Terrace—Aralia Garden Design


Not only do water features ignite the visual senses, but the calming sound of water flowing has just as much of a positive impact. With the water overflowing onto pebbles, if you closed your eyes and sat for a moment basking in the sun with the sound of the water fountain in the background, you could be forgiven for thinking you might just be worlds away from your suburban garden.


Decorative Dancing Floating Fountain Water Garden Ltd Classic style garden
Water Garden Ltd

Decorative Dancing Floating Fountain

Water Garden Ltd

If you really want to make a statement with your garden fountain, take a leaf out of the book of Water Garden Ltd, who create stunning water fountains, accentuated with bold lighting concepts. Looking more like a burst of fireworks than a garden fountain, a garden accessory such as this is sure to give your home that 'wow' factor.

Glass scultpures

Blue Flower Fountain homify Classic style garden

Blue Flower Fountain


Sometimes beauty lies in the details, and this water fountain and glass 'chandelier' shows us exactly how. This bespoke glass creation from Neil Wilkin features in an antique stone pond, giving it a modern twist with 48 glass curves spanning 1 metre.

Understated water features

Sphere-shaped garden fountains are also a highly popular style, and suit those who wish to have a water feature that is a little more understated, with this water feature only using a trickle of water to run down the face of the sculpture, giving it it's smooth glow.

Bird baths

Sphere-shaped fountains come in all sizes, and we love how this small fountain sits atop a bird bath, adding a delicate touch.

Stone sculptures

Kevin Cooper Garden Design have created this ultra-modern stone sculpture, which alongside the adjacent water blade, becomes the centrepiece of a split-level contemporary garden. To see the rest of the project, click here.

Want to find read more about garden design? We recommend reading our article on creating your ownJapanese garden.

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