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12 things people with taste WILL notice in your home

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We all want to impress visitors the minute they walk into our homes. But sometimes it takes more than smiling and offering them a beverage. Your house also has a role to play when it comes to projecting a certain image – and, of course, you are being held responsible for the success level of that image.

Thus, if a wall is cracking or a dust bunny is lying in the corner, your house won’t be blamed – you will. And although a quick dusting here and the fluffing of a pillow there can fool most people, there are some that aren’t as easily tricked by a rushed job, whether cleaning or designing.

Thus, if you really want to impress those with an eye for detail, ask yourself the following…

1. Who actually lives in the home?

Interior design is quite a personal thing, as it needs to suit the style and taste of the homeowners. 

Your choice of furniture, wall colours, and living-room layout can say a lot about the size of your family, whether you entertain, and what’s on your wish list.

2. Is the sofa against the wall?

Lifestyle Dwell Living room



You should know that by inviting a professional designer into your home, your entire space will be reconfigured inside their heads pretty quickly. And few things drive designers crazier than a sofa pushed tightly against a wall in a large room.

Just because some people have good taste doesn’t mean they know how to arrange furniture pieces.

3. Are there flowers?

Little touches can say a lot, and they so often signal attitude and glamour. Thus, don’t underestimate the style power of flowers or foliage by the door, an organised entry, and a well-stocked bar table.

4. How many cushions are on the couch?

Villa South of France Interior Living Space Urban Cape Interiors Modern living room
Urban Cape Interiors

Villa South of France Interior Living Space

Urban Cape Interiors

Two little scatter cushions will just look sad and lost on a great big sofa. More is always better – and an elegant throw can go a long way as well.

5. How are the shelves arranged?

How you organise your books says a lot. Books stacked in piles generally show that they’re not being read and are mere decorative props. 

Let your books breathe, make them accessible: don’t make every shelf bulge—consider breaking them up with collections that relate to the volumes.

6. Is there woodwork on the walls?

Trims, mouldings, architraves and other timber details add so much style power to walls. Invest in trims and mouldings with perfect proportions that will unify a room and have a big impact on the aesthetics of a space. 

Like wine, cheap mouldings mean cheap taste!

7. Is the room perfectly laid out?

Upstairs Living Area Moda Interiors Modern living room Wood White
Moda Interiors

Upstairs Living Area

Moda Interiors

People who know their stuff about layout and home design usually pinpoint what’s wrong with a space in a matter of seconds. This includes whether there’s construction work that needs to be done, architectural errors like a poorly aligned doorway, and oddly placed overhead lighting.

8. What does it smell like?

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24 Hour Refill Candles (Case 60)


We love scented candles, but few things are as off-putting as entering a home and being hit by an overwhelmingly pungent fragrance. Beware of too many candles, a powerful diffuser or incense—visitors will wonder what you are trying to hide!

9. Do the curtains touch the floor?

Georgian Country House Etons of Bath Classic style living room
Etons of Bath

Georgian Country House

Etons of Bath

Window treatment may be something in the background to you, but to a well clued-up person they will speak volumes. Especially gaps. 

Hang curtains from the ceiling architraves to the floor to give a room height. And please avoid drapes that don’t touch the floor. Opt for full shapes and elegant lines.

10. How is the bathroom stocked?

Don’t think your job is done just because you included extra toilet paper. Pretty soaps and stacks of fresh, fluffy towels are both elegant and important touches to a powder room.

11. Is the décor matchy-matchy?

Mix it up by playing with different colours and materials. If every single element matches, your home will look like a motel suite.

12. Is the lighting soft?

If you’re squinting your eyes while indoors, then you need to rethink those lights. Soft lighting is magic. And dimmer switches can make a huge difference to the ambience of a room. 

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What else do you look out for?

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