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This Ottawa home is the beacon of the block

Sarah Tolle—Homify Canada Sarah Tolle—Homify Canada
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Let's begin our introduction to this home (nicknamed Lighthouse), with the words of Linebox Studio, the architects behind the project:

Shaped by the unique site conditions and the lifestyle of a busy modern family, Lighthouse addresses the need for both privacy and connectivity.  It balances freshness with warmth, contrasts natural with urban and celebrates a rare rural oasis within Ottawa’s city centre.

This modern project is truly one-of-a-kind, a home that take you on a unique journey full of new perspectives and interesting angles.

​Surprising facade

There's nothing ordinary about this house—from the very first moment, it holds your gaze. In contrast to the traditional facades that line this residential street, the Lighthouse resembles a large box with cut-outs. The structure takes on a puzzling, modular look in which rectangular sections seem to interlock, with windows offering a mismatched, random array of vertical and horizontal stripes across the facade.

Profile view

A side view reveals a series of sections that have an almost staircase-like look, housing immense columns of rooms oriented in a vertical fashion. The fine materials used in the exterior give the entire structure a lightweight and refined look, but there's no denying that the home itself is an absolute giant!

​Back view

The home opens up more in the back with a large span of windows (even in the floors that lie mostly below ground), while the front maintains a sense of privacy from the street with less windows.

​Modern decor

With a clear angular theme, the interior of the home is filled with a complex series of intersecting planes, crisp lines, and sharp angles. The clear square coffee table and red hexagonal armchair offer two reiterations of this modern, rectilinear theme.

​Statement staircase

In a home where verticality is a dominant structural theme, the staircase is bound to be incredible. This statement staircase is housed in its own clear column much like an elevator shaft, revealing a high-energy zig-zag shape that draws the eyes up and down to the basement and second floor. This unique design not only opens up the staircase and turns it into an industrial work of art, but it also provides a strong visual sense of connection between the stacked floors of the home.

​Close up

These beautiful stairs still offer a traditional wood surface, but the transparent support is clearly a modern addition. Natural meets industrial in this staircase, as light wooden planks appear to float effortlessly on a sturdy frame of steel and glass.

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​A space full of shapes

The exterior of the home is mirrored within, especially in this geometrically inspired living room! The layered cutouts on the wall and series of rectangular windows mingle with various rectangular shapes in the living room furniture, such as the vertical mirror, the sleek rectangular fireplace, and angular sofa and chairs.

​Modern kitchen

This kitchen keeps up with the rest of the house in a crisp, modern design, its cabinetry a shade of dark charcoal. Once again, this room places a strong emphasis on bold geometrical shapes, the dangling sphere lights providing a rounded contrast to the square angles of the sleek kitchen design.

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