Mistakes you (probably) made Christmas decorating

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Christmas is around the corner, and that undoubtedly means good things like presents, snow-covered scenery, and very strong eggnog! But let’s not forget the cheery and festive decorations that are hung in seemingly every single house and shop.

One might think that decorating a Christmas scene, whether it’s simple festive touch-ups or for a fancy schmancy Christmas dinner, is a no-brainer – well, you couldn’t be more wrong. Like decorating an ordinary room on an ordinary day, some basic planning needs to be entertained first in order to avoid home design mistakes.

To help your festive holiday commence (and continue) as beautifully and stylishly as possible, take a look at some of the most commonly committed design mistakes when it comes to Christmas.

Mistake 1: A cluttered scene

Clutter is never in style, not even when it’s Christmas. And since you’ll be bringing in some cheery decorations it means that you will have to be taking out some of your existing furniture- and décor pieces to make room. 

How much you need to make disappear depends on how big you want to go with your decorations. But rather opt for storing most of your everyday décor pieces in the garage, basement or closet until you start taking those festive decorations down after the holiday has passed – you don’t want to trip over string lights and Santa Claus snow globes taking up too much space in your living room, do you?

Mistake 2: Clashing colours

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We all know that red makes a big comeback this time of the year, and so does green and gold. But the problem is that not a lot of houses’ interior design styles match up with these colours. So, what do you do?

It’s acceptable to have one or two Santa Clauses’ red outfits cause a bit of contrast with your home’s colours, but when it comes to the majority of your Christmas decorations, it’s safer to opt for more neutral tones like white, gold and silver, as these combine much better with other colours.

Mistake 3: A real tree with real problems

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So, you want to use a real tree for your festive decorations? That’s fine, but don’t forget about the additional maintenance involved with this choice, like regularly sweeping your floors because of those needles dropping off, trampling dirt into your home due to that fresh-out-the-ground tree, possible pine allergies, rotten wood, etc.

But pay attention to these and other cons associated with real trees inside a home, and you are sure to have a very merry holiday indeed.

Mistake 4: Creating a beautiful fire hazard

We understand the beauty and ambience that goes with candlelight, but do you understand the associated danger?

If you opt for lit candles this holiday, only have them in places where you can keep an eye on them (such as the dinner table) and where no extra-flammable materials (like paper) are near.  

And of course be sure to blow them out once they’re unattended.

Mistake 5: No functional decorations

Whether it’s Christmas or an ordinary day, your choice of decorations needs to enhance the space they’re placed in – not just to fill up legroom.

Make sure those wreaths, stars, and other delightful décor pieces serve a function, like prettying up your dinner table or enhancing your front door. 

With each piece having a specific purpose, it also becomes easier to keep away from a cluttered space.

Mistake 6: Forgetting your home’s style

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Don’t think that you can just pick any simple decoration off the shelf when it’s Christmas; those elves and plastic snowmen need to have materials and colours similar to your home’s interior design style, whether it’s modern, rustic or otherwise.

If an über modern style is flaunted in your living room, we recommend a Christmas tree that fits in perfectly, like this sleek metal design pictured above.

Mistake 7: Ignoring the ambience

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Focus on the type of ambience you want to set with your decorations, whether it’s Christmas or Halloween. 

Will your Christmas be formal and classy with sophisticated colleagues and snooty friends? Then dancing reindeer probably isn’t the best choice. This can be more appropriate for a laid-back and fun time with family. 

Make sure your choice of décor (and lighting) play along.

Mistake 8: Leaving out certain rooms

Don’t focus all your energy (and money) on your front entrance. Spread the cheer throughout the entire house, even if you opt for placing a singular little elf in your home office.

Having an entire room without one festive decoration will make it seem more wrong and empty.

homify hint: Planning a festive get-together? Ensure to spruce up those spaces which guests will frequent (like the guest bathroom) with some jolly decorations to keep the good cheer going. 

For that scrumptious holiday party you’re planning, take a bite out of these: Christmas table decoration ideas.

What other tips can you add to our “no-go” list?

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