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8 small, beautiful and cheap houses

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We're on a mission to prove that small can be beautiful, and these houses that we are showing you today are certainly helping the cause! Though small and, in the cases of some of these, unusual, each has been designed by a talented architect that had functionality firmly in mind, despite having bijou proportions to work with. Seriously, we feel that you are going to be fantastically impressed with how much has been packed into each and every one of these properties, so if you were worried that a small house wouldn't be able to cater to all of your needs, we are going to totally allay those fears right now!

1. A wooden, portable home.

For those of you that want a home but don't like being tethered to one spot, this home is absolutely perfect! Easy to transport, this super small home can go wherever you want it to and still has all the comforts that you'd expect from a regular house.

With a fully equipped kitchen.

There's even a dishwasher here! That's how well-equipped this kitchen is! Usable worktop space, an integrated hob, a wall-mounted microwave and a sink are all here, just on a smaller, more adorable scale!

2. Asian style.

Wow! Isn't this house gorgeous? With simple styling and a wonderfully dark roof that contrasts with the white render perfectly, the façade of this house is a real picture, but can the property itself cater for a whole family?

With a minimalist bathroom.

We bet this bathroom is a bit of a shock! Wonderfully minimalist in style, it has everything you need and nothing you don't and even overlooks a beautiful garden too. What a connection to nature!

3. Something different.

Well this certainly isn't your typical home style is it? A split-level roof, wood cladding and stylish anthracite grey metalwork all combine to make this a small but hugely stylish house. We can't wait to see inside now!

With an open-plan living scheme.

The layout in this home is phenomenal. Perfectly designed to offer everything you'd need for a comfortable and productive home, we particularly love the mezzanine sleeping level!

4. A super contemporary structure.

What a fascinating building! Narrow and with a dramatic sloping roof, you can see that it isn't a huge space, but it still has serious style. The bold render colour is inspired and makes for such an eye-catching finish. 

With an all-wood interior.

The warmth that resonates from this room is staggering, thanks to the plethora of natural wood that is in situ. This mezzanine living room area is perfectly geared towards quiet time and helps to segregate the interior neatly.

5. A monochrome masterpiece.

Small it may be, but this house is lacking nothing in terms of style and has been finished to a standard so often seen in far bigger, opulent houses. The colour scheme here is perfect and adds natural elegance that many larger houses lack.

With a stylish interior.

As stylish as the façade, this interior is really beautiful and so neutral that it has a relaxing and chic feel. Nothing about this living room feels cramped or scaled down at all, making it perfect for a small family!

6. Beautiful in blue.

We always love to see houses that have taken a chance with an unusual finish and by painting this small home baby blue, you can't forget it. It looks sweet and pretty though and we feel sure that the interior will be just as cute and well decorated. The white contrasts are so perfect too!

7. A modern wood cabin.

When you love the idea of living in a wooden home but you like mod cons too, this house style is ideal! A simple cube design, we really love the colour of the wood here and hope the inside is a little traditional, to match!

With a classic interior.

Talk about not disappointing us! This living room feels large and spacious, as well as cosy and comfortable. Just look at how amazing the fireplace is here and how well the wood matches the façade. And there was us thinking this was a small home!

8. A charming spot.

Narrow and small, this home really doesn't lack anything in the way of style, thanks to modern finishes and gorgeous fauna! You can already see that the interior is a delight too! Who needs a huge house?

With a modern living room.

This living room feels generous and perfectly laid out, despite not being enormous in size. The secret is mirroring the length of the room,  rather than focusing on the width and we think it's worked out so well here!

You see? You can enjoy a fabulous interior in a small home, but if you need some extra convincing, take a look at this Ideabook next: 6 advantages of a small home.

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