7 small living rooms with serious style

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PORTO Arquitectura + Diseño de Interiores Colonial style living room
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For the majority of us, the living room is where we spend most time in the house. We read here, relax, watch TV and talk to our family. From the get-go, or possibly over time, the living room takes on aspects of our own personality, our fascinations with certain colours, and designs. We can observe this in how decoration overlaps into the furniture and choice of electrical appliances, like the television and different styles of lighting. The living room is usually the largest room in a home, and the central gathering area. 

We here at homify have come up with some contrasting and diverse styles of living rooms, to stir your creative juices. So step inside and let's take a tour of 7 spectacular living rooms, in what is a clear expression of personality and design flair!

1. Elegant

A clever idea is to make the lighting in the room into a stylish decoration that becomes a feature itself. Here we see the curving ceiling and illumination has broken the unity of angles to increase space visually.

2. Cosy and colourful

In this example, there is a nice use of fabric to introduce warmth and give a comfortable ambience. The Turkish rug over the wooden panel floor would feel thick and cosy under bare feet or in socks. You can imagine snuggling up on the soft material of the L-shaped couch, pampered by many cushions as you sip a cup of cocoa and watch your favourite TV show. There is a clear attempt at symmetry in the position of the side sofas and the lamps which add a calm and sociable balance. The vibrant paintings and black slats on the window all go well with the general colour scheme, creating a welcoming room in which to relax.

3. Asian simplicity

Some of the most beautiful types of living rooms are created from the unusual. This blazing orange-tiled Mediterranean floor gives a strong reflection, complementing the southeast Asian-style furniture. There is imagery of ginger, lemon, citrus which evokes the exotic rather than the mundane or the normal.

4. Jewel-coloured carpet

One of the most influential aspects in any living room is the carpet. This particular carpet draws the eye and creates a very different atmosphere from a simple grey or brown tone. This anti-establishment design goes against the norm with cream coloured walls and couches contrasted against a striking teal floor and vintage-style blue chair. The palm trees and plants with the Arabic tiling on the floors and walls might suggest a small oasis in an otherwise predictable dwelling.

5. Different colours

We could say the design of this room is in stark contrast to the last one, with a clear intention to unify the furniture with a colour model stemming from the patterned floor. We then have the inspired use of pale green on the window frames which really excites against the lava flow palette of the flooring.

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6. Creative jam

There are those who love to play with furniture designs in small spaces to show luxury. And there is an old theory that says the appearance of beauty is in details that intensify and overlap. Tiger-print seating, palm trees, a marble dinner table on '70s-style carpet and a mirrored coffee table all exude a certain Las Vegas casino air of kitsch opulence.

7. Various walls

A bold and retro zigzag pattern across the entire wall in bland grey and white challenges us to face its design. There is a clear contrast in the rectangular paneling of the drawers, long white cabinets and storage units levitating from the wooden floor. The TV is placed specifically as the focal point of the room, and there is a rather unique break from the bland in the sunflower orange and brown couch seat. Possibly the dwelling of a musician or painter with clear goals who knows what they like.

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